Nest adds LG and Philips Hue to compatibility list, more coming soon


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Nest has been adding more and more services to their “Works with Nest” compatibility list ever since they were acquired by Google. Today they have announced the addition of 15 new products and services. Among that list is some pretty big names.

One of the biggest names on the list is Philips with their Hue lighting system. They can now flash when your Nest Protect smoke detector goes off, just to make it even more obvious that there is fire. Another big name is LG. Their smart appliances can send notifications if the Nest detects your oven is still on.

Some of the other notable services include Automatic, which can tell Nest you’re driving home. August’s Smart Lock, which will put the Nest into away mode when you leave the house and lock your doors. The full list of newly compatible services is below, along with 5 that will be coming later this year.


  • August smart lock
  • Automatic driving assistant
  • Insteon
  • LG appliances
  • Lutron
  • Ooma Telo
  • Philips Hue
  • Unikey / Kevo smart lock
  • Withings Aura sleep system


  • Beep Dial (February)
  • Big Ass Fans (February)
  • Chargepoint home EV charging stations (June)
  • Whirlpool appliances (April)
  • Zuli smart plug (April)

[Nest via The Verge]

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  1. I love my Nest Thermostat (and Nest Protects). It’s quickly becoming the central hub to all of my home automation with my Chamberlain garage door opener, Dropcam, and soon Philips Hue all connected to it.

    1. your home is a hacker’s wet dream lol

      1. It’s much easier to steal my house keys than it is to steal my WiFi credentials.

        1. Steal….?
          Google is giving it away to the NSA and god knows who else.
          Knowing they are recording my phone calls, texts, and emails is disturbing
          But recording me and my family the inside of my home with Drop Cam…?
          I’ll pass for now

        2. True, but though it is easier to steal the physical key the WiFi creds could be compromised world-wide. Nobody is safe lol. just messing with you… i honestly don’t trust the whole “Smart Home” way we are going. now we have smart toilets and smart refrigerators. I can see myself going to get a piece of cheesecake and my fridge saying “I can’t let you do that Dave” and i lose my sanity. lol

          1. LOL!

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