Samsung preps retail stores for Lollipop update rolling out in January


Samsung Galaxy S5 DSC05763

We know owners of Samsung devices (or any other manufacturer for that matter) are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop. After initially rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Poland as sort of a test run, it was more recently we saw the update begin spreading through Europe.

Of course, the next logical question is when users here in the states can expect it to arrive, especially considering carriers can often times delay these updates at their discretion, testing compatibility with their networks and pre-installed applications.

If you’ve ever visited a Best Buy, you’re probably familiar with those Samsung booths with countless Galaxy devices on display for shoppers to play with. Well, it seems Samsung has begun briefing their retail associates (reps) with some info on the impending Lollipop update.

Samsung Email Retail Lollipop

According to an email obtained by one verified associate, the update is set to begin rolling out as early as January, with the main focus being on the Galaxy S5 (unsurprisingly), followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge after that. Once those are out of the way, expect the rollout to hit the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4, followed closely by Samsung’s tablet line.

Now, the jury is still out on which carrier could be the first to push out Lollipop for the Galaxy S5, Note 4, or Edge, but it seems Samsung is definitely doing their part to make sure the update is released in a timely fashion. Who da thunk it?

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  1. Something for Galaxy S4 mini?

    1. I don’t think the mini is set to get it. About 10 articles down the note 2 is but no mention of it here.

  2. Of course Verizon customers will have to wait unti June for Lollipop.

    1. I’d guess April or May but I can understand your frustration.

    2. Sounds right. VZW got Kitkat out in May and Lollipop was release a few weeks later than KitKat was.

    3. perhaps you’re not realizing just how long it takes to fill an operating system upgrade with annoying bloatware. it’s not as if people would want a nice, clean, lightweight lollipop on day one without VZNavigator and NFL Mobile.

  3. Considering my VZW S4 is still stuck on 4.4.2 and has yet to be updated to 4.4.4, im guessing i won’t be getting 5.0 until mid 2015. Unless of course VZW decides to skip 4.4.4 altogether and push the update 5.0

    1. They just did an update on the S4 & Note 3 earlier this month to 4.4.4, trust me I had both devices b4 going to the Note 4.

      1. Yes for other carriers, but not Verizon. We got a performance update for the S4 earlier this month and im reading that 4.4.4 updates were incorporated into this performance update, while still being 4.4.2. We shall see what the future holds.

  4. Did you guys hear Samsung will be giving Lollipop to the Note 2 as well?

  5. 1. Sprint
    2. T-Mobile
    3. AT&T
    4. Verizon

    Those are my predictions for the big 4 and updating phones.

    1. Reverse that and you’ll be closer – my opinion anyway. :) Verizon was the first on two major OS upgrades on the S3 and S4.

      1. Sprint had Jellybean first (in the US) on the S3 – http://www.cnet.com/news/sprint-galaxy-s3-gets-jelly-bean/

        The S4 got KitKat on Sprint first, in mid-February of 2014 – Verizon got it last at the end of April.

        Cheers, happy new year!

        1. Goodness, what am I thinking of then… I know at the very least the S4 was the first to receive something… oh well, thanks for the correction and same to you!

  6. Considering that my Nexus 5 is constantly killing apps either while I’m using it or as soon as I go to the home screen, I’d recommend waiting until Android 5.0 is more stable.

    1. It’s not unstable, it’s just killing apps when it shouldn’t.

  7. When is the Note 3 update ready

  8. How do I upgrade to Lollipop 5.0

  9. tmobile.

  10. Verizon always took forever to update phones when i had service with them. It seemed to be the last one to push out an update unless AT&T was taking it’s time.

  11. *inb4postsaboutupdatekillingroot*

  12. What is the launcher/icon pack used in the picture at the top of the article? Thanks!

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