PSA: don’t install apps promising to download a copy of The Interview, or your bank account could be compromised


the interview malware

The following issue we’re about to touch on might not have much of a chance to affect any of you, but it’s worth putting it out there anyway: there’s an app floating around posing as a suitable way to download The Interview (that’s if suitable and illegal are synonyms in your own personal dictionary, anyway). Quips and discussion about morality aside, the story here is that this app doesn’t download The Interview at all.

It’s a malware downloader that seeks to pull banking information from folks’ phones to be stored on a database somewhere in China. The app, outed by Mcafee in their latest malware report, goes by the name of Badaccents and what it actually downloads is a backdoor trojan for the culprit to gain access to bankers of many South Korean establishments, as well as Citi International Bank.

One eye-popping revelation of this report is that the malware actually fails if it’s downloaded onto a device originating from North Korean manufacturers Samjiyon and Arirang. Coincidence? The latest antics of Kim Jong-Un’s cyber team?

Not so fast — Mcafee security expert Irfan Asrar reports to security blogger Graham Cluley that the code is likely in place because it’s not meant to target North Korean citizens in the first place (though we’ve never heard of a malware coder going out of their way to keep an entire market of folks out of harm’s way). He says the motive may have been more logistical than political, as it would save the bandits behind the malware precious bandwidth.

Whatever the case may be, don’t download apps promising to load up a copy of 2014’s controversial film The Interview on your phone — it’s actually malware, and it could potentially cost you more money than if you were to simply rent a 24 hour viewing over at Google Play.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You’d think this was common sense lol.

    1. Listen I’ll double whatever it is the guy is paying youse to whack me out. But ya gotta make him suffer!

  2. Look at that OG DROID Incredible with capacitive buttons and on screen buttons! Nice job!

    1. They rooted their phone to get onscreen buttons because why not.

  3. The Arirang AS1201, North Korea’s knock-off of an already questionable Chinese throw-away. It would be like a North Korea-made replica of a Shuanghuan CEO. May God have mercy on your soul, North Korea.

  4. Hello McFly! Why dont you make like a tree and get out of here!

    Really though, if you want it that badly just go download it.

  5. If you that cheap you deserve it.

  6. Stupid humans!

  7. Phew! I am safe, wouldn’t watch that piece of junk in the first place.

  8. I used to work in a Cell Phone repair shop. Trust me, people do not have common sense. This dude had the FBI virus on his phone from downloading something. I couldn’t delete it. Must have been a new strand. LoL!!

    He had to have his phone wiped. Smh…
    People think stealing is as easy as it was a few decades back. Nah!! You can go ahead and pirate things. But you’ll soon find out you’ll be walking right into a trap. And I’m going to laugh as you suffer.

    1. It’s still pretty easy to download stuff for free as long as you know what you are doing. I have downloaded a lot of movies, music and games without any problems. But I still buy a lot of the stuff that I download couse the company’s that make it deserve it. Sometimes I like to try it before I buy it and that’s why I still use torrents.

      1. The honest way of trying before you buy is movies (rent, watch in theater first), music (radio, YouTube, ad supported service), games (rental box, Gamefly, reviews sometimes suffice).

        All these people dedicated time, money, etc in order to bring that product. The least you could do is fully support them and the industry they work for in order to maintain entertainment for years to come.

        / my 2¢

        1. That’s true but you can only spend your money once so prefer to buy something if I know for sure that I will enjoy it. I bought multiple games based on reviews and clips on YouTube but in the end I didn’t like them.

    2. lol you idiot that’s a virus or malware lol!!

  9. Google rents you it for 48 hours actually. And north koreans probably don’t have enough money in their bank accounts to be worth the electricity to steal from them

  10. North Koreans have smart phones?


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