Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S5 starts rolling out


Samsung Galaxy S5 hand DSC05788

Samsung isn’t always the first company that comes to mind when thinking of manufacturers who deliver the most timely updates to the latest versions of Android, but they seem to have been inspired by the latest major release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The upgrade is now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S5 users… in Poland.

Small markets like Poland tend to get the upgrade ahead of everyone else as it’s a good way to test the distribution and fallout of the upgrade process without potentially putting millions of units at risk. Should everything go well in that leg of the world then you can rest assured Samsung will polish it up for the rest of us in due time.

As with any software update, you’re bound to wait a tad longer depending on region and carrier. We reckon unlocked versions of the handset will get it first, with folks in Europe and South Korea getting next at bat. North America is typically on the long end of the update track.

A recent video of leaked firmware for the device embedded above shows you exactly what to expect once it finally makes its way to your handset. TouchWiz has as strong a presence as you’d expect, though Samsung did tweak the aesthetics enough to make it feel a bit different from what we’re used to.

If you live in Poland — congrats, and have fun! For everyone else, well, at least this shows Samsung isn’t dragging their feet and that they’re making good pace and progress on getting the upgrade out to everyone.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. I don’t mind a touchwiz look as long as it behaves like L and has all the Google goodness baked in.

    1. And yes, I checked for updates before reading the “Poland” part… tease.

  2. “Samsung isn’t always the first company that comes to mind when thinking of manufacturers who deliver the most timely updates to the latest versions of Android,” Actually, Samsung is usually really good at updating their flagship devices. The problem is that it might take months for S4 and Note 3 owners to receive their updates.

    1. Android 4.4 KitKat began hitting devices the first week of November 2013 and in February 2014, 3 months later, the first S4 devices started to get KitKat.

      1. My Note 10.1( GT-N8013 ) is still on 4.1.2. I never received any promised update after the first couple of months of owning this device. My tablet was listed for Kit Kat in Nov 2013, but that was a flat out lie. Now with Lollipop it’s not even on the list. I have very little respect for Samsung right now to say the least…

        1. That’s like when I owned the original iPad and it couldn’t be upgraded to iOS 6 – that is the last time I bought an Apple product.

          The original iPad was only out for a year when the iPad 2 came out and Apple said – you can’t go to iOS 6. Now the iPad 2 will be 4 years old in March and its still getting the latest updates – iOS 8.

          1. I also sadly bought a first gen iPad… : My first and last one.

            If not for the SPen, I would just flash my Note 10.1 with stock-Android, but then I’d loose the reason I bough this tablet. The full-screen option of newer versions of Android and now USB-Audio support are the reason I’m hoping for an upgrade — something that should be a given based on my tablet’s hardware/age.

  3. Once my One M8 comes with Kik Kat, I’ll be in heaven

  4. This is such a tease. Chappy headline

  5. “Samsung will polish it up for the rest of us in due time”

    Ah ha I get it, Polish it up after Poland.

  6. I apologise in advance for my foul language….

    FFS! HTC Get your sh*t together.

  7. I just got OTA 5.0.1 for my N7 finally! I lost dashclock widget for the lockscreen, anyone know how to get battery status with no widgets on lock screen?

  8. Well that is lucky for them as over this side of the world we only just got 4.4.2 this week for the S5. Probably wont see Android 5.0 for a couple of months at least.

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