This is Google’s first ‘complete’ prototype of its self-driving car


google car

Earlier this year Google surprised us with a prototype of their self-driving car. At first glance it looked more like a Fisher Price product than a highly sophisticated computerized vehicle. There was one thing that Google couldn’t make cute, and that was the bulky camera on top.

It’s only been 7 months since that first model and Google has already finished a more “complete” prototype. The new one has a fresh coat of paint, real headlights, and all the things a real car needs. But the biggest difference is that camera on top. It has been majorly slimmed down and looks a lot more attractive.

Google says they will be using this new prototype for testing this Holiday season. Next year they hope to get it out on real roads. Now, when can I buy one?!

[via Google+]

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  1. No Orange sensor on the front?

  2. I buy cars to drive. It’s a real hobby for a lot of people. That being said, I’d still want to get in one and try it out.

    1. Same here but I’m willing to try one just to avoid a DUI haha

  3. It would be good for when your tired or drunk lol. Should be a self driving taxi imagine the money. Pay me Google before you cash out

    1. That’s the first logical step for self driving cars; especially if the first models are restricted to 30-40mph, which would be fine for downtown/city taxis. Taxi companies will be pissed and lobbying hard to stop it if Google got into the Taxi business though. Unless of course Google just makes them to sell to Taxi companies, or better yet, open sources at least some of the key software/hardware components like they do for a lot of their other projects.

  4. Still looks better than those ugly Smart cars.

  5. I really wish i would have bought Google stock when it was affordable, lol.

  6. If amazon can’t use drones in the US I don’t see our government allowing these on the road

    1. There’s maybe a 10-15% higher chance, considering the fact that they can’t unintentionally fall from the sky. It will probably be 2020 before we see anything anywhere other than 2-3 cities. 2025 before it’s capable of taking you across country, which doesn’t count the approach that BWM, Audi, and others are taking.

      Amazon drones will eventually be legal too, the tech is pretty much there, but they still need to be aware of other (non Amazon) flights, address theft, and make sure a battery failure doesn’t mean a crash, to name a few.

      1. Hopefully battery tech improves by 2025, lol.

  7. It looks like Mr. Potato head

  8. I’ll take one for free. Not worth the money yo buy one.

  9. Does it have rear view mirrors so that the passengers could see how a huge track approached them before their car turned into a pan?

  10. Welp, it was nice knowing you “nexus auto” owners. R.I.P

    Anyone taking bets on which update kills the most passengers? I’m leaning toward lollipop auto but gingerbread auto could suprise.

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