For $50 you can be on your way to developing your own Android games with this deal



Ever wanted to build your own Android apps and games but had no idea where to start? Here is as good as any place: the Android Game Developer Bundle from For $49, you will gain access to seven online courses that will set you down the path to developing your own games (and potentially earning a bit of money along the way).

Learn to build Android games with the Android Game Developer Bundle for $49 at

The courses include hundreds of lectures and over 60 hours of content, including step-by-step instructions on how to build your app with software tools that require minimum coding experience, tips on monetizing your apps, building for Lollipop, and introductions to Java and C# programming languages.

Your enrollment includes a lifetime of unlimited access to the lessons contained within the bundle, a truly invaluable resource for any aspiring Android entrepreneur. Normally you might expect to pay over $750 for such access, but you save 93% thanks to $50, after all, is a small investment for what could turn into a real profit generator down the road.

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  1. Wait… why C#? I love C# dont get me wrong, but what does that have to do with android?

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