More outlet space to charge newly gifted gadgets with the PowerCube, only $17.95 [DEAL]



It’s Christmas day, and as a Phandroid reader we have little doubt you found at least one new gadget under the tree. Perhaps it’s the one gadget that just pushed your outlet space beyond the tipping point. You could run out and buy a bulky, ugly power strip, or you could pick up the PowerCube. This unique space-saving design plugs directly into an existing wall outlet and provides additional power sockets plus two USB ports for mobile device charging.

Buy the PowerCube Outlet Expander for $17.95 at

It’s small enough to throw in a bag and take with you as you travel. We all know how hotel rooms are prone to provide one too few outlets for all the computers, smartphones, and tablets we tend to drag along with us. Better yet, all of the PowerCube’s outlets are designed to not interfere or block access when a power cord or USB is connected.

With a resettable 15amp fuse, you even get peace of mind that your devices plugged into the PowerCube are safe from sudden surges All o that for only $17.95 thanks to this special offer.

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  1. I might have purchased one if they had Australian sockets.

  2. That’s nice. I’ll have to pick one up

  3. A fuse will do nothing against a power surge. Further, all the outlets you are likely to plug this into are already fused/breakered.

  4. Come on, it must be just rental increase because of which they are closing this unit, it doesn’t mean they are going down. Some landlords think that it is ok to double or tipple the rental for Big companies. Samsung may just open elsewhere.

    1. Wrong article

  5. Hardly new or unique. This sort of thing has been available in the UK for years and at much less than half this price.

    Fair enough this might have USB Sockets, but it doesn’t justify such a hefty price tag.

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