Dec 23rd, 2014

LG G3 Combust 1

The year isn’t even over yet but before we officially head on into 2015, guns blazing, we’re being treated to yet another story of a phone spontaneously combusting.

Posted onto Reddit early this afternoon, the phone in question is actually the LG G3 (insert joke about LG copying Samsung copying Apple) and according to the OP, was allegedly sitting on his sister’s bed charging (not under the pillow) while she got ready in the morning.

It was then the explosion happened, causing the phone’s battery to catch fire, burning a hole straight through the mattress. Soon after, the home’s patriarch came rushing in (completely nude, mind you) dousing the phone and battery with a fire extinguisher (the reason why the phone is covered in white powder) before tossing the entire mattress out the window. Needless to say, it was a traumatic experience on more than one level.

LG G3 Combust collage

Worth noting is the owner claims to have been using the stock, OEM cable, battery, charger and the phone wasn’t resting under a pillow. Moments before the explosion took place, the phone was being used normally and didn’t show any signs of malfunction like warmer than usual temperatures.

That being said, this seems doesn’t seem to be a wide spread issue and is more than likely a fluke. With so many units being sold (especially around the holiday season), it seems normal to expect one bad egg. Of course, nobody likes the idea of a bad egg possibly exploding in their face, so let’s hope LG is quick to help out if a faulty unit was the cause (lest HTC step in again to cool things over).



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