Samsung shows off limited edition leather-backed Galaxy Alpha


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Because metal is great and all, but metal and leather? That just exudes luxury. That’s exactly the idea behind the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s latest makeover in France, where the more metal Galaxy Alpha is being outfitted with an extremely limited edition Jean-Baptiste Rautureau leather backs.

They’re calling it the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Free Lance Bordeaux and only 100 of them will be made, with each unit being numbered and signed complete with a certificate of authenticity. The leather — which has been designed by in Vendée by “French artisans” to look more like alligator skin — will come in red, turquoise, brown, and black.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Free Lance Bordeaux edition is priced at €649 and with the exception of leather, comes with all the same hardware as the original Galaxy Alpha. Because of the extreme limited-ness, don’t these to launch anywhere outside of France.


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  1. Um….ALREADY DONE by the Moto X.

  2. This ^, also they’re hideous.

  3. Samsung are so far behind Motorola it’s not even funny anymore

  4. if only they get this phone on tmobile! love the way this phone looks.

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