Humble Noodlecake Bundle offers up 9 of the dev’s beloved games


humble noodlecake bundle

Noodlecake seems to come out with a great new game every single week, and now you can get bunches of them in one low-priced package thanks to the latest Humble Bundle offering. A grand total of 9 of the developers’ premium games are being offered, some of which are making their debut in Humble Bundle ahead of Google Play.

Here’s a quick list of everything currently up for grabs for whichever price you set:

  • Polymer
  • Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork (Debut)
  • Pumped BMX 2
  • Super Stickman Golf 2

Pay more than the current average of $6.60 for 3 other games:

  • Devious Dungeon
  • Tower Dwellers
  • Mikey Boots (Debut)

And an $8 price tag will get you these two gems, as well:

  • WayWard Souls
  • Wave Wave 2.0 (Debut)

Humble Bundle’s also continuing their stretch goal incentive of offering more games for those who pay more than the average as the Bundle sells more. There are a possible 6 additional games that can be had, one of which revealed to be a puzzle game called Trainyard.

This isn’t a bad corp of games to earn the price of a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, so why not partake? You can punch in all your details over at their website right now and get started downloading them to whichever Android devices you choose. Have at it!

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