T-Mobile CEO John Legere wishes everyone a Happy Holidays in his own bleeped up way [VIDEO]


T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere seems to have been infused with a bit of Christmas spirit. The brash face of Magenta posted a video to Twitter wishing everyone a happy holidays with a nice poem sitting aside a roasty fire place. Well, it was nice if you weren’t one of the three major carriers T-Mobile’s contending with, anyway.

The first bit of Legere’s prose featured typical anecdotes about all the awesome things they’ve been adding through Uncarrier, a bit of talk about their financial growth and the accolades bestowed upon them by the likes of J.D. Powers and company. And then he got to addressing the carriers and, well, let’s just say there were so many bleeps by the end of it all that any sensitive ears might go deaf. T-Mobile customer or not, you should definitely give the video a quick look above.

uncarrier holiday poem

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I got a giggle out of that one!

  2. I know what carrier I’m not going with.

  3. not enough coverage to talk trash.

    1. The coverage is improving.

      1. started with voicestream in 2001 left after the failed merger when they lost their data roaming agreement with att and i would return in a minute.

        1. You’re confused. They gained a data roaming with att after the failed merger they didn’t lose it.

  4. Crazy.

  5. If you are around large cities this is the company to go with even their Internet speed is faster than most. Otherwise no need for the hype.

    1. Depends on the state. I live in Colorado and T-Mobile has 4G LTE in most of the rural areas here too! Unless people travel constantly (most don’t!) all that matters is the coverage in your home city. If you are a truck driver, I totally understand wanting verizon. If you stay in your city, there is no reason for it.

      1. you get it.

  6. If only he wasn’t full of it. T-Mobile cares about it’s customers equally as much was everybody else: only so far as it effects their bottom line. T-Mobile having good customer service is a joke too. One of the main 2 reasons I left them was due to pathetic customer service.

    1. I used to work for T-Mobile as tech support. I pulled up accounts with insane payment arrangements all the time. T-Mo let a lot of things slide. Ever seen an account that owed 2 grand but didn’t have their service shut off? I have. Plenty.

      1. Yeah Ok as a customer for a couple years I had NOTHING BUT bad experiences. In almost every single store, and every single time I had to call in. Their billing is the most convoluted bs I’ve ever seen, purposely trying to confuse the customer so they don’t recognize being overcharged. Which they did. A lot. Eight pages long just for a summary bill? My AT&T bill for multiple lines and account activity is like half a page long and so simple a kindergartner could understand it. And it always took multiple calls, transfers, and being mysteriously disconnected while on hold before it was corrected by T-Mobile. If at all. And don’t even get me started on the return process for online orders, which HAVE to be sent back by mail unlike other modern businesses.

        1. Sean, the T-Mo bill is complicated? It’s 3 lines…. Monthly fee
          State tax

          Seems pretty simple to me.

          1. That’s not how the bill was when I was with them at all. As I said, it was eight pages long, sometimes longer.

          2. When a company is this big, there will always be some people with a poor experience. I’m sorry that they weren’t as awesome to you as they were for me. Either way, running around ranting about carriers is simply childish.

          3. Actually I’m calling a company out on bs in a post about said company stroking it’s own ego. This is perfectly legitimate criticism (from a former customer) in a legitimate forum. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean it’s childish and certainly doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to say it.

          4. It wasn’t the content of the complaints, it was the way you presented them.

          5. Well isn’t that a shame.

    2. I’ve had nothing but stellar service from T-Mo, even before the Legere era. n fact I had one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had last week at one of their stores.

      1. I too have been very well taken care of by T-mo. Not going anywhere.

  7. John Legere one of the funniest CEO’s in America. I like him!

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