Dec 22nd, 2014

lg g pad x trademark

LG has crept into the USPTO with another trademark, but this time it doesn’t tell of some weird accessory or a new app. They’ve coined the name “G Pad X,” which is listed under portable communication apparatuses such as tablets, smartphones, audio devices and other miscellaneous things that fit that classification.

As with any trademark there isn’t anything that tells us what to expect from a product that should launch donning this name, but the X could tell us a couple of different things:

  1. The X could refer to its size. Sure, there’s already an LG G Pad 10.1, but this just sounds cooler.
  2. X could be a tag noting that this device is in a class of its own or “extremely” powerful.
  3. It could be a combination of both…
  4. … or something entirely different.

Either way, we think a high-end tablet from LG is long overdue, and we hope this recent trademark filing is indication that they’re close to unveiling just that. It’s not that the current G Pad offerings are bad, but they don’t quite jump out at you like, say, Samsung’s options tend to.

We’ll have just a couple of weeks to see if CES stands to be their launchpad for the thing. Otherwise, it might be one of the big announcements we expect out of the South Korean company’s Mobile World Congress showing a few months from now.

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