ASUS posts CES teaser on Facebook, and it seems to reveal a phone with rear buttons


asus phone shot ces 2015

ASUS looks to be bringing a brand new device to CES with them. The Taiwanese company posted a teaser on Facebook suggesting as much, with a quick shot of a phone being revealed in a 10-second teaser spot. The video obviously doesn’t reveal much, though the bit we are able to see makes us quite curious.

The biggest takeaway is that something weird is going on with the rear of the device. A still frame shot of the thing shows what looks to be rear-facing buttons a la the LG G3. If those are indeed buttons, we’re not sure if they would be used for managing volume or something else, but they’re there, and they’re intriguing.

Also of interest is the camera. The teaser keyed in on the device’s shooter a couple of different times, and the imagery suggests they’ve done something big with it. One of the shots even seems to reveal a dual sensor, which could be what the “buttons” above actually are, though it could be just as likely that this is the trick of fancy video editing and little more.

Unfortunately that’s all we have to go on at this point as there have been no rumors of an ASUS phone to lean our arm on. Something more will have to leak out ahead of January’s big show, but it’s only a few short weeks away so it won’t be long before ASUS spills the beans themselves.

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  1. Found another video,shows a little sharper image of what to expect:


  2. I miss my rear buttons. Going from G3 -> N6 I love the phone, but hate no rear buttons and knock knock unlock

    1. I can almost guarantee there is/will be a kernel that has tap to wake.

  3. it said see what other cant see……..OMG this bad boy go be equipped with a night vision camera… lol, YESSS

  4. Wait, someone removed my comment.
    So again — I am a breast guy, not a rear guy, the Sony has a small button on the right side that reminds you of a breast part. Is that better for the Phandroid crew?

  5. They better not release another M8, gotta step it up.

    Oh and I expect another AT&T exclusive.

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