Best Buy is now listing the leather Nexus 9 Magic Cover case for $49


nexus 9 leather magic cover caseIt looks like HTC and Google were whipping up a real leather Magic Cover case for the Nexus 9 after all. The accessory has popped up on Best Buy’s online storefront before even hitting HTC’s or Google’s. Best Buy will apparently sell it for $49, which is just $10 more than what the regular version of this case is going for over at Google Play.

There is one annoying catch, though — you can’t actually order one yet, as the listing says it’s sold out online. That said, this is good indication that inventory is being prepped for those who want something a bit nicer to go over their Nexus 9 compared to what’s already available.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for its availability to change so stay tuned if you were holding out on buying cases to order this one.

[via Best Buy]

Quentyn Kennemer
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