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Samsung Gear VR Forum now open for business!


samsung gear vr

You might have seen our Samsung Gear VR unboxing yesterday, and we’ll have a complete review coming soon, but did you know we have a full forum dedicated to Samsung’s virtual reality goggles over at Android Forums? Yes, the Samsung Gear VR Forums are now open for business.

Samsung Gear VR Forums at Android Forums

Whether you are a new owner or planning to pick up the Gear VR in the near future (maybe it was on your holiday wish list), our new forum is your one-stop destination for answers to frequently asked questions, helpful tips and tricks, and other discussion centering on this innovative wearable. If you are an early adopter, here is your place to share what you’ve learned so far and give your thoughts on the Oculus-powered experience.

So if you have ever sat inside a waterfall or explored an ancient cage from the comfort of your living (Gear VR users will know what I am talking about), this is the place for you. Virtual reality. It’s the future, man.

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  1. good to know thanks.

  2. Awesome!!!!!… waiting on the review video!!!

    1. If he’s human like me, it’s gonna blow him away lol. But in all seriousness, engadget also did a review on it and it’s spot on as to how i feel about it. Had mine for about a week now and the contents are def short atm but the thing is you have endless amounts of movies you can watch on it in 3d. I can’t wait for more 3d 360 video content more than anything.

      1. Hold on, you’re saying that with the note 4 you can watch 3d movies on the VR?

        1. Follow the link to the forums, check out the review by rushmore.

          1. Just got my Note4 and i love it…….. checking where i can get the Gear VR….. this is fantastic!!!

        2. Yes, the 3D stereoscopic vision videos works wonders on the Gear VR as it’s a VR device and not a 3D TV. The effects are mind blowing as objects come right up to your nose lol. There are tons of 3d movies online as well as 3d videos on youtube.

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