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The Samsung Gear VR is Samsung’s latest and perhaps most unique wearable. Announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4, the Gear VR relies on the handset to create a virtual reality headset for viewing video, playing games, and experience other types of immersive content. Backing the Gear VR is technology from Oculus, makers of perhaps the most well-known virtual reality platform the Oculus Rift.

As we dive into exploring the features of the Gear VR and its integration with the Note 4, we thought we’d share a quick unboxing and hardware walkthrough of the so-called Innovator Edition of the headset. Aside from the goggles themselves, the set includes a 16GB MicroSD and and adapter, a screen cleaning cloth, and an extra bit of cushioning should it be needed. Perhaps the best touch is the inclusion of a nice soft-shell travel case to hold the entire package.

We’ll be giving the Gear VR a thorough once over in the coming days. Stay tuned for more coverage of Samsung’s wearable headset.

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  1. Can also be used for skiing and snowboarding.

  2. This thing is awesome. I watched gone girl on it and felt like I was really in a movie theater.

    1. OMG lol. I am actually watching Gone Girl on it as well now. Although its not 3d, the chick is HOT! But seriously cool coincidence haha Yes, the theater is really good. I feel like I am at an amc theater.

  3. I’ve been playing with this thing since Friday and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve had a dozen coworkers, several members of my family, and many other friends at a Christmas party all get to try it on. Unanimously everyone thought it was amazing. Several wanted to buy one immediately and were a little disappointed that it only worked with the note 4. Some said they now planned to get the note 4 based on this. There are only a few games but they are quite interesting to try out and I can’t wait to see more development. The cinema feature, especially for 3D movies is amazing. I can’t wait to load a bunch of 3D movies on my SD card and get to watch them on this.

    As far as quality goes, the resolution is excellent, I don’t notice any lag or blur effect. The only time I felt a little motion sickness was playing Dreadhalls. The moving and spinning for direction caused some disorientation but the feeling of actually being in such a creapy place and moving about freely was unreal.

    1. I should have mine in the next 18 hours. I don’t believe Samsung will make this a universal headset even for its own line of flagship phones. If you listen to John Carmack’s keynote speech the guy actually dislikes Android because of “fragmentation”. It’s near impossible to make Oculus Rift work on every Android flagship and expect the same experience. He said that what’s nice about the Note 4 is that you’re basically turning the Note 4 into a “console”. You bypass all of the Android hardware fragmentation and you optimize around one device. He even said that the screen size is near perfect so I really doubt that the Galaxy S6 will be compatible.
      When the Note 5 comes I don’t see this headset working on it but I do see the newer revision costing about $100. The current Gear VR is targeting us geeks willing to pay early entry. The next version will target consumers.

      1. They despise fragmentation but then put that terribly coded skin and apps on there. I wouldnt be taking software advice from anyone connected to or allying with Samsung.

    2. I just stopped one of my clients on his way to get the iphone to get the note 4 today because of this as well lol.

  4. The Occulus Rift dev kit actually uses a Samsung Note screen, complete with the receiver cutout.

  5. So this is a Samsung version of google cardboard? Complete with the samsung requirements that everything else be samsung?

    1. Yeah, complete with a touch pad, focus dial and sensors about 5 times faster than your cellphone to provide you with that sub 20ms motion to photon latency. It also has face foam that is much better and comfortable to use than the Oculus DK2. Although cardboard is defintely cool, it’s not the same…

  6. Had this now for a few days. I brought it to work today and everyone was blown away by how amazing it is. Already a couple new games in the store today. Really awesome device!!!

    1. Im with you. I showed it to as many people as I can at work. It’s too cool to enjoy it alone felt the mad need to share this experience. I love watching 3D movies in the Oculus Cinema. Just finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3D lasnight. (bad movie btw)

      ps – i wanted to show it to more people but i didnt trust their hygiene lol.

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