Scrolls is a healthy mix between collectible card and board games, and it’s now on Android


While we’re all still awaiting the launch of Blizzard’s highly popular collectible card game Hearthstone, Mojang — creators of Minecraft who were recently bought by Microsoft — has an alternative option to keep you busy in the meantime. It’s called Scrolls, and it’s a really fresh take on your typical card game format.

The game — which just launched in the Google Play Store as part of today’s exciting launch — does still emphasize the basic use of cards and mana at its core, but it shakes things up by combining that with a board game element that places importance on resource management, character placement and other strategy elements commonly found in combat board games.

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Your objective in Scrolls is to destroy three of your opponents’ pillars, the only way to do so being to attack them with your creatures. Your opponent attempts to stop you with creatures of their own while looking to achieve the same goal. The first one to destroy three of the others’ pillars wins.

You’ll get to craft decks using more than 350 different Scrolls across four “factions” (classes, if you will), so there’s a ton of variety to be had in how you play. New scrolls can be earned using gold, a currency earned entirely through gameplay, or buy buying and trading in the game’s “Black Market” with other players.

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Scrolls features real-time cross-platform gameplay so you’re playing with not only everyone on the Android version, but those playing on PC, iOS and Mac OS, as well. It all has the makings of a great game that should definitely get your attention if you’re a fan of this genre. You can try it for free in Google Play, with an option to purchase the full game for $5 if you end up falling in love with it. Anyone looking to give it a go?

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  1. Um I was hyped until I click on the link and it says my device is incompatible -___- don’t know why

    1. same here…OnePlus One

      1. I have the moto g

        1. Same issue here with my LG G3 and Note 3. What is this compatible with?

          1. It’s tablet only.

  2. Device not compatible here too. Note 3.

  3. Seems I can install it on the nexus 9. Nexus 5 isnt having a bar of it though.

    Could it be tablet only?

    1. Yes, it’s tablet only.

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