Sep 9th, 2014

minecraft pocket edition

A new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Microsoft could be looking to buy indie game studio Mojang, creators of the cult smash hit Minecraft. It’s a deal said to be worth $2 billion and while not directly Android related, Minecraft was ported to Android devices a few years back where it has since garnered between 5 – 10 million downloads.

The deal could close as early as this week and leaves us wondering about the fate of Minecraft on Android if it suddenly becomes a Microsoft property. Mojang has yet to confirm anything with press, although we imagine it wont be long before we hear something one way or the other. Mojang founder Markkus Persson has been very vocal in the past about taking money from big corporations like Microsoft, choosing instead to invest their sizable profits ($100 million last year alone) in oddball indie titles instead.

Minecraft is a first person, open world video game that features 3D almost 16-bit mapped graphics. The game made its PC debut back in 2009 before it eventually made its way to Android, first as an Sony Ericsson Xperia Play exclusive, then later launching in the Android Market in October of 2011.