Google removes red and white Nexus 5 units from the Play Store — only black remains


nexus 5 black play store

We’re not sure if this means anything yet, but it’s worth noting anyway — Google has reduced the options of Nexus 5 units you can get from Google Play. The company has taken down the red and white color options, leaving only black for those who are still in the market for one.

There are a number of reasons Google could be doing this. It’s possible those models weren’t nearly as popular as the black one and so Google has requested LG to stop manufacturing them. It could also be early indication that the Nexus 5 is getting ready to be sunset on Google Play, and that Google still has too many black units remaining before they can make that happen. It is worth noting that the black model is currently showing out of inventory for both 16GB and 32GB variants.

It’d be a sad day to see the Nexus 5 wiped from the Google Play Store. While it’s outclassed by the Nexus 6 in many ways, it’s still a very great option and has powerful enough specs to hold its own. It’s also very inexpensive and could arguably be a better value than the Nexus 6 currently is.

Of course, it could also be possible we’ll see the Nexus 5 on the Play Store for a while yet and Google’s just doing a little tidying up in a digital storefront that’s starting to get pretty full.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Once you go black..

    1. You buy red?

  2. the thought that they may have excess black stock doesn’t make sense as they’ve been out of stock a long time. (unless they are dumb enough to think that blocking n5 sales would help n6 sales)

    1. more importantly–where’s 5.0.1 for my N5 and M360!? stop wasting time tidying up something that doesn’t need it!

  3. Erm…. according to this, they’ve delisted them because they have ceased production.


    1. Mmmmm, collectors item… limited edition… connoisseurs choice…

  4. Why?I own 3,Nexus devices, the 5,and both nexus 7 tablet’s, all 3 are 32gb &,3g&LTE models,they are great for android users,still waiting for lollipop on both my nexus7 Tablets, but won’t. Be long before they get updated too!

  5. Nexus 5R2 ?

  6. What’dya know?!?!!? They stopped selling the Nexus 6 as well!!!! HAHAHAHA

  7. R.I.P to the best Nexus phone, like ever……

  8. Went up about 4x yesterday at random times I got a 32gb….really want a nexus 6 64gb but it seems I have a better chance finding a leprechauns gold

    1. i’ll sell you mine… it’s t-mobile but you could get it unlocked.

  9. That’s racist…. Why black gotta be the only one… Lol

  10. Oh no! I can’t get my underpowered low-memory Nexus in fruity colors anymore!

    1. Underpowered? It’s still one of the fastest phones out there…

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