Google Play reveals the top apps, games, movies, music and other entertainment choices of 2014


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We’re roaring toward the finish line for the calendar year and it’s time for folks to start taking a look back. No one likes to reminisce quite like Google, so the company revealed the top content on the Google Play Store for the past 12 months. From the most downloaded apps and games to the top music, movies, TV shows and books, we get a look at all the most popular goods available in Google’s digital storefront for 2014.

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The top apps list was mostly dominated by the usual suspects, including Facebook, Pandora and Netlifx, though a couple of surprises did make the cut. Duolingo’s presence on the list shows folks really are interested in expanding their language, while MyFitnessPal’s prominence tells of a society yearning to get fit (in fact, health and fitness was the fastest growing app category this past year).

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For games, Candy Crush Saga is still ruining lives, everyone is still addicted to Clash of Clans and Subway Surfers remains a favorite among many. One odd game did make the cut that we didn’t expect, though — Don’t Tap the White Tile, a game whose title notes the challenge itself. You owe it to yourself to find out why so many people have found themselves addicted to this game.

Elsewhere, Frozen and The Walking Dead topped video content with folks falling back in love with Toy Story, while Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea were the top artists in music. There’s a lot more to take in so be sure to take a look at the full infographic over at Google’s blog.

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  1. Flappy Bird would have been #2 if the developer hadn’t pulled it, who knows maybe even #1

  2. OMG!! Do not get me started on Don’t Tap The White Tile!! That game is like the GREATEST time passer in history. LoL!! I got all my friends addicted to it.
    I just pull it out and we all challenging each other. LoL!! I be mad when I take a peek in Google Play Games and see that score higher by 1. =.P

  3. The game list is kind of aggravating to say the least. True innovative mobile titles like Monument Valley and the Room series are overshadowed by stupid pay to win match 3 games. Smh

  4. I love/hate Candy Crush, and I’ll give that other time killer a try. Aw man you guys got beat by Android Central, not cool.

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