Google launches new Live Channels app for Android TV, now available on Google Play


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Fresh off the Google Play Store is a new app looking to bring a little additional functionality to Android TV set tops (read: the Nexus Player). It’s called Live Channels for Android TV and from the description on Google Play, will allow users to watch live television from built-in tuners or IP-based tuners on their Android TV. The screenshots show live television being displayed with channel information, PIP mode, and even side-by-side split screen viewing.

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Oddly enough, the app seems to already come installed on our Nexus Player, although it remains hidden. Our guess is Google is waiting to formally announce this sometime in the near future (possibly in collaboration with an Android TV powered television?), but we’re hearing you can unlock it by installing specific applications from the Play Store that enable Android TV’s “TV input framework” as detailed here.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. I hope this works with my HD Home Run Prime.

    1. SiliconDust integrated the androidTV TV input service into their HDHomerun View app. So once the view app is installed on an android tv device, the TV app shows up (as well as an icon for the view app). However, the Prime won’t work with the TV app. the nexus player doesn’t offer MPEG2 hardware decoding, which seems to be needed with non transcoding tuners connected through the TV app. at least for now (?). they mention the nexus player requires a transcoding tuner (which the prime is not) to watch through the TV app (mentioned in the HDHomerun View play store description).

      1. Looks like you need the PLUS to transcode. Meh, I do everything thru WMC and my 360s anyway. Thanks for the information.

  2. Will chrome cast work with this?

    1. Well, if you can install this into chromecast, it maybe could work.

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