Android 5.0.1 now rolling out to Nexus 4, 6, 7, and Moto G GPe [OTA DOWNLOAD]


Nexus 6 IMG_6216

And just like clockwork, the Nexus 4, Nexus 6, and even the Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi have begun receiving their Android 5.0.1 updates over-the-air. Earlier today we saw the updates hit Google’s factory images page, and suspected a rollout was imminent.

For anyone itching to get their hands on the update but aren’t willing to wipe their devices with the factory images, you can download the OTA zip files directly from Google below for the sideloading. Enjoy.

Nexus 4 LRX22C (from LRX21T)

Nexus 5 – :(

Nexus 6 LRX22C (from LRX21O)

Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi LRX22C (from KTU84P)

Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi LRX22C (from LRX21P)

Nexus 9 LRX22C (from LRX21R)

Nexus 10 LRX22C (from LRX21P)

Nexus 10 LRX22C (from KTU84P)

Oh, and for anyone who happened to pick up the Motorola Moto G Google Play edition, it’s also receiving Android 5.0.1 as we speak.

Motorola Moto G Google Play edition LRX21Z  (from KTU84P) Download

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  1. Downloading my update on Nexus 6 23Gig (ATT) as I am typing this!

    1. “Downloading my update on Nexus 6 23Gig (ATT) as I am typing this!”


      1. I have nexus 6 32 gig not the 64 version the actual download itself was around 72 megabytes

      2. the operating system leaves the 32gb varient with 23gb of free space I would assume

  2. No update for nexus 5?

    1. this is odd but there has to be a reason.

      1. Agree! Personally I don’t mind them taking their time to iron out whatever issues they may be having in regards to the N5 (5.0.1) roll-out…and I know this may be asking ALOT but I’d really like to receive this bug fix minus more bugs! SMH

    2. IDK, but 5.0 is awful on my N5. So much lag. I often have to reboot. Almost like my phone gets a head cold. 4.4.4 was so much better with respect to lag and latency. 5.0.1 has greatly improved my N10. I’m hoping I see the same results on my N5.

      1. Sounds like you either need to factory reset your device, or flash the 5.0 software. 5.0 on my N5 is just as nice as it is on my N6. This lag will go away if you do either of those I am sure.

        1. 5.0.1 completely fixed the lag. I just received the system update today. I’m glad I didn’t factory reset. My phone’s not even a year old. After 5.0.1 did wonders for my Nexus 10, I had high hopes for my Nexus 5. All of the lag is gone, and my home screen icons don’t disappear and pop back up from time to time when I hit the onscreen home button. Thanks for your advice though!

      2. For every major release, I always advise people to flash the new image… as all data is usually in the cloud, instead of going the OTA route.

        My N5 works really well on 5.0 while a colleague’s N5 has slowed to a crawl… the difference is in the way we updated. No prizes.

        1. I’m skeptical. I received the OTA for 5.0.1 for my Nexus 5 today, and it fixed all of my lag issues.

  3. Still hoping the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE version will arrive soon.

  4. Got it pushed OTA already to both my 2013 Nexus 7 and my Nexus 6 on Verizon. Installing them both now. Yay! (My quickest phone update ever)

  5. Anyone notice any changes? I’m not seeing any on my att nexus

  6. Can somebody tell me why it downloaded the update, notified me of the update but when I plugged my phone in to charge and clicked install it said will restart and install in 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds it just disappeared and said my system is up to date but it never updated!!!(AT&T Nexus 6)

    1. Did the exact same thing to me

      1. Its still missing and still on 5.0 with the old build number. Weird…

    2. I got the same problem. I am going to try…

      adb sideload update.zip

      And see what happens.

  7. I got the nexus 7 2013 update last week. It’s pretty nice

  8. I tried to install update on my nexus 7 2013 wifi but it says error. :(

  9. The ones who s update disappeared are you on at&t right

    1. I’m on VZW and it disappeared.

  10. Change log?

  11. I had the disappearing update as well. Nexus 6 on T Mobile. Received notification, clicked Install and nothing happened. Still on 5.0

    1. I was reading through the comment sections of other articles regarding the update and you are not alone. It happened to me as well and I have the Nexus 6 on At&t.

  12. My nexus 7 received the update last night. Going to look it over now.

  13. I’m pissed I got the notification that the update was available on my Nexus 6 (T-Mobile) but I was away from home and my charger so I didn’t want to kill my battery. My phone eventually died then I got it home and charged and it no longer shows the update as available.

    1. Even if you manually look for it?

      1. yes….even if you click check for updates. says up to date, 5.0

    2. My Nexus 6 showed the update, downloaded and rebooted and is still on 5.0 and and does not show any updates available. Just oddness… Verizonwireless

      1. Mine didn’t even reboot, said it was about to and after counting down from 10 seconds the update just vanished

    3. Same thing, except my phone did not die. I just waited till I was on my home wifi.
      Got home..it was gone! Manually checking does nothing.

    4. Same, sept I wanted to be at home for wifi. It finally showed back up today. We shall see. (Nexus 4)

  14. I have had this OTA over a week and it has killed the battery on my N7 2013. 8hrs screen on has dropped to 6. I am consistently running into RAM limits when I always had 1GB free on KitKat. I thought Android was supposed to get lighter, not more resource intensive. I would pay $10 for an OTA rollback to 4.4.4.

    1. You know you can flash kit Kat back right? Just Google it. It’s very easy.

      1. You know you can pull your own teeth right? Just Google it. Its very easy and pain free, I swear. But then we have dentists who are paid to do it for you…

  15. No issue here after the update on my nexus 7 2013 ..you can manually rollback to kitkat

  16. Just got it on my nexus 7.

  17. Have a Pre-2013 Nexus 7, WiFi only. It says I am up to date on 4.4.4

  18. Got the update 2 days ago on my Nexus 7 2nd gen, everything is great..but my taskbar is black and the apps drawer is black too. They were supposed to both be white, correct? The only thing I found only is I can download Google Now Launcher to get the same effect, but I lose 2 home screens and Google Now becomes permanent on the far left screen.

  19. Had the “disappearing update” happen on my Nexus 6 (T-Mobile). Also, the link for the OTA doesn’t work now — I was going to download and apply the OTA manually, but I can’t even get to to the download page now. “502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”

    Has Google pulled the 5.0.1 update, or is this just a server issue and bad timing?

    Edit: It’s alive.. it’s alliiiiivveeee! Just downloaded the OTA using the URL from the post. Server issue resolved, I guess!

  20. error 502 server error :(

    1. Been getting that for the past hour or more, but just now, it worked. Download finished!

  21. I still haven’t received 5.0 for the Moto G… Hopefully Moto will skip 5.0.0 and jump straight to 5.0.1 then…

  22. A few minutes ago I was out in town and got the alert that 5.0.1 was available, so I decided to wait for wifi at home. The message is gone. I goto search for updates and it says up to [email protected] still. WTF?!?! WTF did it go?

    1. Also since getting 5.0 the sensitivity is all messed up. Cannot drag tiles in WordsWithFriends. Most annoyingly though, the send button no longer works with the keyboard open. Have to close the keyboard and then hit send after typing each message, plus cannot select previous words in the sentence without closing the keyboard as well. I really hope that this was fixed in the update, because now I just want to go back to enjoying 4.4. Please help me. Anyone. Please. This is Nexus 4. The paranoid side of me says they did this on purpose because they wanted the Nexus 4 to die and go away the minute the 5 was released. Seeing as how they immediately took it from the market.

      1. Well it showed back up today and I eagerly accepted it. Did not fix issues. Sensitivity is wack. Cannot hold a drag for anything. It affects swype and anything requiring a hold and drag, like Words with Friends. Same issue with keyboard. Cannot send from the keyboard anymore. have to close it for the send button to function again. This is more of a pain everyday. I want 4.4 back. I doubt I will hear an answer on this. :””'(

  23. Got the update for my N7 2013 yesterday. Noticed a huge bump in download speeds for web pages and apps. Big improvement in the camera. Overall responsiveness is about the same, but I use Nova Launcher, so I barely even notice the change. I have not experienced any of the problems that people have mentioned about battery drain.

  24. Motorola Moto G Google Play edition LRX21Z (from KTU84P) Md5?

  25. N5 ??????????!

    1. What does this have to do with anything in the topic here at all? Just trying to generate hits on your page?

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