Amazon launches Surprise! app for Android, makes it easy to send e-cards with Amazon giftcards inside


Surprise by Amazon for Android

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon is giving the world yet another easy way to get hooked on the wonderful world of online shopping with the help of their new app Surprise!, out now for Android and iOS. The app disguises itself as an e-card application perfect for all occasions by allowing users to personalize an e-card with, photos, video, audio, personalized signature, or even — you guessed it — an Amazon gift card.

The e-cards themselves aren’t anything too fancy (no dancing elves *sad face*) and if you’re in a hurry, you can send pre-designed cards with just a few clicks. Although the e-card are pretty basic, they do allow the issuer to wrap them up, with a fun little animation for those doing the unwrapping.


When it comes to sending the e-card, you can import your contacts from your smartphone, Facebook, or calendar events (even schedule one a year in advance) to ensure you never miss that important chance to spend even more money at Amazon. Don’t forget that Amazon gift cards never expire and don’t carry any fees like some brick and mortar retail stores.

In all seriousness, the app is pretty convenient and for all those interested, you can find Surprise! by Amazon free right now in the Google Play Store.

Chris Chavez
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