Rumor: Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for Android Wear being pushed out tomorrow



Android Wear owners everywhere have patiently awaited the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for the wearble platform. Google has been a bit quiet on their end, but a trusted source close to Phandroid reveals Google will look to unleash the goods as early as tomorrow.

That timeline isn’t all that surprising considering Google likes to use humpday as an opportunity to dish out all the updates we can handle. We imagine many other apps will see updates tomorrow to go along with Android 5.0 Lollipop’s arrival, though nothing is ever certain.

moto 360 android wear watch face leak

We originally offered up an exclusive look at everything to come in the first official Lollipop release of Android Wear, but in case you missed it here’s a quick recap:

  • Battery and Storage information in the companion app
  • New watch faces (with ability to switch between watch faces via the companion app) and new APIs for displaying weather icons on any watch face
    • The Moto 360 watch face pictured above was passed over to Derek Ross by a reliable source, as per this Android Forums thread. We may or may not see it on Motorola’s smart watch alongside the other new rumored watch faces.
  • The ability to recover dismissed cards
  • New quick screen brightness toggles (regular, theater mode and sunlight mode)
  • New options for the visual impaired, including text size, color-blind options and magnification
  • OK Google will reorder actions based on your previous activity for a smarter, easier experience

Beyond that, we’ve found that Android 5.0.1 might drastically improve battery life for some watches, something Google could have addressed in the bug fixing .1 portion of the update. There won’t be much else to look forward to if our early leak is anything to go by, though that list is filled with more than enough key changes and improvements to get excited over. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Google tomorrow and in the week to come to see if they’re ready to give our wrists the holiday treat they deserve.

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  1. Come on Google… Give us the goods… My 360 and G are ready for some updates…

    1. #soon #wellmorelike25hours

  2. I owned one for 4 days and the battery life is unacceptable at this point. I was running out of battery by 10:30am after taking it off of the charger at 6:30am. I was using the stopwatch for 2 30 minute clients during that time and I don’t care what anyone says I should be able to do that for $250 pre tax dollars. The watch is clearly not practical for everyday use by those who want to do simple things like actually use it.

    1. Hi. My Moto 360 lasts me two days. I use it how it was intended, short interactions, a few minutes here and there. It’s not meant to replace your smartphone.

      1. Derrick I’m not asking it to replace my smartphone. I’m asking it to replace my watch and its clearly not capable of doing the things a watch can do. Like tell time for 24 hours a day without having to tap it. If it’s set to the battery will be dead in less than a day. And run a stop watch like a watch can do. A lot of us are caught up in the tech because we’re techies but making excuses for a less than capable piece of technology is misleading to those who don’t know better. If you’re getting 48 hours out of that watch you can not be getting your money’s worth out of it.

        1. if this is all u use it for i would def be mad at spending $250 for it! Doesnt seem like its what u need for those task.

          1. I actually used it for a lot of things and the notifications along with my daily use may have been part of the issues. Either way I see a lot of people outside of the android tech community who have the same issues. I’m a die hard Android guy and I love Google but I’m not going to sit here and exaggerate the benefits of that watch nor am I going to give that battery fake reviews. Look at my Google+ page and you’ll see I am all Android all day. The battery is still an issue if you use the watch.

          2. ok, thats understandable. I want one but battery life is an area of concern (tho i pretty much know what to expect) and water resistance is big for me. not sure if i want to wait for the “new and improved” or dive in.

          3. Thank you David. I was just trying to be truthful with my experience.

        2. Clearly, multiple people have already disagreed with your sentiment on the device. However, these items are not for everyone – you might be one of those.

        3. I haven’t worn a watch since 1998. Moving from no watch to a smartwatch was an easy move for me. I charge it almost every night. I don’t wear it to bed so that’s a no brainer right there for me. Charge it while I sleep. As others have said, a smartwatch isn’t for everyone.

        4. I am a Motorola fan and have all three of their “X” models (including the Droid X) as well as got many of my family members to buy into what Motorola was doing with the X and G. As soon as the Moto 360 was announced I had my heart set on it but couldnt wait so I got an LG G Watch at launch. The moment I was able to order a Moto 360 I did but I had to send it back. I dont understand how when using the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch in the same fashion I got half the battery life of the G Watch (yes I got the Motorola update that apparently made the battery life better but it wasnt good enough) and the screen on the G Watch always stays on (which I am a watch person and glancing at the time when sitting at my desk or in the car or wherever is what I am used to.) I found it really annoying that the 360 you had to tap the screen that isnt always on and the battery life still failed. Also I treat all of my electronics very well but the back cracked during what is normal every day use for someone who works in an office. I really hope these are things they fix in the second generation of the 360 so I can continue to enjoy Motorola products but I agree with V2THE1 that the first iteration of the 360 just did not cut it…unfortunately.

          1. I had a defective 360 with massive battery issue. It would randomly shut off and power back on going from 70% to 1% after it turned back on in a minute one time. I sent it back and Motorola sent me a REFURBISHED unit. Which was annoying because when they were sending me my replacement they hostage charged my card $250, the price of a new unit then sent me a refurbished. I argued with their customer service for several hours and they wouldn’t send me a new unit, but would refund me if I sent the watch back, so I could buy a new one from Best Buy or some other retailer. My watch had already been out of commission for 2 weeks so I didn’t go through with it. Bottom line is I think it’s fair to accept that being a first gen product it will have issues. What I find unacceptable is the customer service I’ve gotten numerous friends to buy moto g’s, I’ve got the moto x pure edition, and both generations of moto g as side phones that I play around with. I was a huge Motorola fan, but my experience with their watch turned me off to getting the nexus 6. I’m just going to wait for the first snapdragon 810 consumer phone, of project ara which ironically began at Motorola.

        5. You can set it to ambient display, and on a watch with a oled display it’s pretty visible. I can only make it through a day of decent use on my 360 but plopping it down on the wireless charger isn’t time consuming or anything. I think all the time you save getting your notifications on your wrist and not having to deal with digging your phone out of your pocket easily make up for any battery shortcomings. I’ve only ever had my watch die on me during the day and that was the day after it came in.

        6. If you only want to use it as a watch, the Moto 360 should be more than capable of lasting at least 24 hours. And you don’t have to tap it, as raising your arm should be enough to turn it on. So even though you say you don’t want it to replace your smartphone, you’re asking it to do the things you expect a smartphone to do.

          I was in a situation where I couldn’t use any electronic devices that emit wireless signals for at least 8 hours, and putting it in airplane mode still gave me all the watch features I needed, and with minimal battery drain.

          This is a great device as long as you understand what it can and cannot do. There is nothing remotely misleading about it that I’ve seen. If you want it to simply replace a watch, and just do things that a watch does without the notification features, this is probably the wrong device for that. And based on what you’re describing, you got a bad unit. I also had an issue using Android Wear Face Creator. After installing it, my watch died in less than 5 hours, so that could be another issue.

          1. I understand tech. I’m a fairly intelligent guy. I guess I simply feel that for $250 bucks you should not have to hold back when it comes to using it. But that’s my personal opinion and it’s interesting how much feedback that my comments stirred up. Oh well.

      2. Mine gets me through a day of good usage with about 25%left when I get home, I’ve seen a lot of people say they get 2 days of use. Can you tell me your secret? It’s really bugging me since I only charge my oneplus one every other day, the wireless charging mostly makes up for it though.

      3. DEREK:

        Well said. This watch IS NOT for the power user like me. It’s for a user who moderately interacts with the watch.

        1. I agree 100% Donelo. $250 I want to actually be able to use it and use it a lot.

    2. I also get 2 days of use with my moto 360…. I love mine and ~10 motivations per hour.. Screen off during normal usage..

      1. I wish I was motivated 10 times during an hour, I’d be a lot happier.

    3. I honestly don’t think I could run it down in 4 hours if I tried. Even if I used Navigation.

      You were probably wearing it wrong.

      1. CHRISTIAN:

        This watch CANNOT handle any kind of workload. I receive/send 6000-7000 texts a month a long with hundreds of emails.

        1. The device is designed to be a companion device, not a replacement for your phone or your computer, so I don’t understand why ppl think it should be.

    4. I get over 1 1/2 days on mine…

    5. I use mine for music control and reading and replying to txt via voice 10 hours a day at work and get a full days usage out of mine with some left over before I go to bed.

    6. Did you own one after motorla released a software update that vastly improved battery life? I know the battery life was pretty bad before the update.

      1. I just bought it last week and immediately got an update. Maybe I got a lemon but I’m a personal trainer and couldn’t risk keeping it longer than 14 days if I couldn’t use it for work.

        1. I agree V2THE. This watch CANNOT handle any kind of workload–its for the guy who gets a few texts and emails a day.

        2. My first one was defective in a post earlier I detailed my horrible customer service experience. Just get a refund if you think it’s defective don’t bother getting it replaced with the warranty. They sent me a freaking refurbished unit. If it’s defective get a refund and buy a new one from Best Buy or something, or get a different watch. But in my personal experience they can be defective.

    7. That’s definitely not normal. I’m not sure what watch or what version of Wear you were using, but today (even before the 5.0.1 update) most people can easily get over a day. I sync 3 email accounts and get notices from lots of other programs, use the stop watch feature quite a bit (easier than setting an alarm that gets set as a daily repeating alarm) as well as other functions like navigation. I’ve never, ever had my watch die on me. I usually take the watch off the charger at about 8am and it goes back on the charger around 12 midnight or later. It’s 2:26 in the afternoon and my watch is at 76% charged right now for example.

    8. It’s very clear now that you’re one of the many paid commenters/shills, that post FUD on every Moto 360 article on the internet

  3. If only I had my 360… Motorola RMA’d my device (cracked back) and now my replacement is on backorder….. seriously? :-(

    1. Check it when you get it they sent me a refurbished unit and I was livid, after arguing with their customer service for a few hours I got nothing. If you can just get a refund from Motorola and go buy a new one from Best Buy.

  4. so other brands of phones….and now watches are beating the update before my Nexus 6? um? go go gadget middle finger

    1. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the Nexus 6 doesn’t suffer from the bugs that were patched and are being released in 5.0.1_r1?

      1. strong point….I got nothing to that. You’re right. :)

      2. Dont mess with Hitman. He’ll dirty up your unicorn…

  5. Early Morning with the Moto 360 December 6th


  6. And later that morning…


    1. Seems to me like you’re fibbing. Or, you restarted the watch 40-50 times! Since theast update, I’m getting about 14-16 hours with HEAVY usage.

  7. I received my MOTOT 360 yesterday. I used it for 4 hours and now its being returned. Cute little novelty and great concept. However, this watch CANNOT handle any kind of workload. I receive/send 6000-7000 texts a month a long with hundreds of emails. This watch would be dead in less than half a day. Furthermore, my neck is KILLING me….

    1. Or, you know you could not have all your emails / texts go to your wrist? and use it to do other stuff?

      1. Yeah..but I don’t want a part time watch. I want it function as a second phone per se; most people do. I know it does other stuff, but… the watch leaves me wanting a whole lot more.

  8. “…but a trusted source close to Phandroid reveals Google…”

    Shouldn’t that be, close to Google? I mean that’s where they got the scoop from right?

    1. No, that is incorrect.

      1. Might be proper English, but it does nothing for the credibility of the source. Usually sources close to Google have reliable information. My mom could tell me Google is releasing Android 5.1 tomorrow, but as a source revealed as only being close to me, that does not make it a credible rumor.

        So the question is:
        Do you want us to think this is a credible source or do you just want to state that this source is close to Phandroid which is already kinda implied as otherwise the source wouldn’t leak info to you.

        EDIT: Or I misread your comment and you meant to say:
        No, that is incorrect. That is not where they got the scoop from. They did not get the scoop from Google.

  9. I get 3 1/2 days (62% left the first day, 22% the second day and 12% the third day).
    My watch keeps all its connections on, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, voice and 3G.
    A 12% I just turn on ultra saving mode and turns the phone B&W for 1 1/2 day more.
    Well I have a Gear S.

    1. Gear S is nice, but it’s too expensive. I want some of those software features on my Gear 1 though.

      1. The Gear S is the only Wrist watch Communicator that matter other than the Rufus cuff. Notice I said Wrist watch Communicator not Notifications Watch. Nothing beats the combination of the Gear S and Note 4 or Gear S and Note Edge.

        1. The gear S is just not an attractive looking device, the curvature, the screen and the watchfaces just all are not attractive to me.

        2. 1. You don’t even have the Gear S.
          2. Do you know how ridiculous you would look holding your smartwatch up to your mouth/ear every time you take/make a call? Even more ridiculous than the people with Bluetooth headsets looked several years ago. Not to mention that you wouldn’t be able to carry a conversation for very long since your unsupported arm would tire very quickly.
          3. Multiply the ridiculous factor in my previous point a couple dozen times for the Rufus Cuff. It would stick out like a big puss-filled zit on someone’s face. It’s big and clunky. Sure, it looks sleek on it’s own, but strap it to your wrist, and no matter what color wrist band you have on there, it screams “look at me!!!”, and not in the best of ways.

  10. looking forward to the update, I might get 4 days use out of my smartwatch 3. I just wish Google would let us put our own music on the watch instead of the halfbaked way they do it now.

  11. How about the ability to disable the watch gesture to wake it. Since that wakes the office every time and 95 percent off the time that out wakes up I’m not even trying to do anything with the watch. I just want it to vibrate and let me tap the screen when I want to interact with it.

  12. Get all of your gifs ready and start your countdown!

  13. I got it. I got it!!!!

  14. No gots for my LG G watch,c’mon already.

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