It only costs $10 to backup your Android phone for life [Deals]



Keeping your data safe and secure is of the utmost importance today, but finding a flexible solution at a reasonable price is no easy task. Thanks to a special deal, you can look no further than IDrive. For only $10 up front you will receive a lifetime of unlimited data backup for up to five mobile devices.

Use IDrive to backup your contacts, photos, videos, and more. Should your device malfunction or become lost, you can quickly restore your saved data to a new device. If you are switching phones, IDrive makes the transition easy. With cross-platform support you can even restore data from an iOS device to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Get unlimited mobile backup from IDrive for $10 for life

Beyond simply being a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your data safe, IDrive is also secure. Information stored with IDrive features 256-bit AES encryption. Even as a cloud storage solution IDrive shines with the ability to easily access stored files and share them with friends and family.

Normally unlimited data storage via IDrive would cost $50. We’re offering it for only $10 through I don’t need to do the math, but I will anyway. That’s a savings of $40 on paper, but you could also avoid a lifetime of headaches should your data be compromised.

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  1. got this last week through another deal site.. love it. I’m using it instead of dropbox since they keep dropping my space!

    1. There are multiple ways to earn GB’s of free space from Dropbox.

      1. yeah, and i’ll have 18 gigs when this is all said and done, which isn’t enough for me. i used to have 86 gigs, and then my Samsung promo expired, and so did my HTC promo. rather than annoy people to sign up, i went with idrive. sorry bud, some of us have a lot of things to backup, and for $10, unlimited storage is a damn good deal.

        1. Ah!! Unlimited storage!! I forgot that part. Hmm…

          1. How long until they go out of business?

          2. “Unlimited LIFETIME Mobile Backup plan” seems real different to me than a general “Unlimited storage” plan, no? Theirs seems very precise to “mobile backup” whereas a general cloud storage like DB can be… anything.

        2. I gotcha. I was just simply explaining you can earn more free storage. I even used, in the past, the trick you can google about paying about $3 in google ads to get all of my friend referrals (500mb per person up to 16gb worth) in 24-48 hours versus taking maybe months to earn the 16gb.

          ps – in my world, no one uses iDrive, but everyone uses DB so collaborating with people and businesses is easy with something everyone uses.

      2. Yes I agree. Dropbox is good one. @

  2. contacts – google does this already

    photos – dropbox can do for free

    videos – dropbox can do for free

    calendar events- google does this already

    sms – free apps to do this, one I uses saves to Dropbox for free

    call logs – not sure on this one as I wouldnt care of lost

    music – use Google music… free

    so what am I missing about why anyone needs this?

    1. I agree.

      Snappea can take care of things like sms, just throw it into drive if you want it in the cloud

    2. I’m in the same boat as you.

    3. Better refresher
      Google does contacts, photos, videos (15Gb – unlimited), calendar, music
      Services like CM Backup, MySMS, etc. does unlimited sms, contacts and call log backups.

    4. The biggest difference is that we encrypt all of your data before it ever gets to us, 256-bit AES encryption. You can also select a private encryption key which means no one but you will ever have access to your data. We believe privacy is a big deal, and want to make sure you can protect your data without worrying about who has access.

    5. Dude, you just mentioned FIVE different apps…to try to cover all the data on your phone. Then you have to try not to miss anything when backing up. $10 and ONE app to back up everything for life sounds a lot easier.

  3. “up to five mobile devices.”

    Is that 5 devices FOREVER or 5 devices AT A TIME for life? The wording on this “lifetime” backup is strange…

    1. Up to 5 devices at a time. Think of them as 5 ‘parking spots’ for your mobile devices. If you have 5 backed up, you’ll have to remove one before adding another.

      1. Thanks for your reply! This certainly makes it an attractive offer now.

  4. Idrive has been around for a long time, if this is the same idrive from years ago

  5. Backing up your phone is definitely important. However keep in mind that these services are not government regulated or monitored like a bank for example. I would stick with the companies that have the most to lose such as Google or Microsoft.

    Peter of

    1. Is it same Microsoft pos windows phone that no one wants with 2% market share

      1. I believe he is referring to cloud storage, not phones.

  6. I don’t mean to sound suspicious, but is this a One Time $10 for lifetime backup? Is there a usage cap? If it’s only ten bucks and no limit on the amount of storage and bandwidth, How In Hell are they able to afford to do this?

    1. It is a one-time payment, no limits on bandwidth or storage. You’re just limited to 5 mobile devices (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone) at any one time.

      As to how we’re able to afford it, we own all our own infrastructure (not an Amazon S3 reseller or anything like that) which helps us keep costs low.

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