Nexus 6 now available from US Cellular in both blue and white, 32GB or 64GB



Google’s plan of making the Nexus 6 the first Nexus device to be available across all major US carriers is seeing yet another puzzle piece fall into place. A day ahead of the rumored December 9th launch, the Nexus 6 is now officially available from US Celluar for $200 with a 2-year agreement. The craziest part? While the phone is already available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, the US Cellular version is the only carrier so far to also offer the white model of the phone.

Nexus 6 US Cellular

Now, we know that’s not going to sway anyone who’s been looking to buy the phone on contract to go with US Cellular over some of the other carriers, but it is a nice little perk. A 64GB option is also available for those needing a little more elbow room for their apps and media. Links provided below.

Buy: Nexus 6 US Cellular

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  1. WTF! How is it that they get the white model?

  2. almost worth it to drive 75 miles and buy a 64 gb model.

  3. So does this mean we now have to wait another month before Moto will sell direct again??!! This is the biggest disappointment launching of a phone ever! Well outside of when the GNex was launched, that was really bad!

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