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The Bluetooth earpiece has evolved from a convenient piece of hands-free tech to a cultural status symbol. Nothing says “I’m important” like this glowing charm hanging from your ear like a piece of cyborg jewelry. When you see the Bluetooth Earpiece Guy in line at the grocery store, you know he means business. Sorry Checkout Lane Girl, Bluetooth Guy’s conversation can’t stop just because you need to ask him about coupons, payment, or other such frivolous things.

Maybe you don’t want to be Bluetooth Earpiece Guy, but you can’t deny the utilitarian nature of the thing. For those having a hard time reconciling the two, we present the Invisible Bluetooth earpiece. This tiny device slips comfortably into your ear and provides up to five hours of wireless talk time, all the while not sticking out like a flashing signifier of your own self-importance implanted on the side of your head. It is design not only to be discreet, but even comfortable.

But the Invisible Bluetooth earpiece for $17.99 at

Normally such a thing would cost you $99, but at we are offering a very special deal that knocks over 80% off the retail price. Now you can have all the convenience of a wireless earpiece without ruining your reputation for only $17.99. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. So please, wait to pick up that call until after you’ve finished paying for your frozen pizzas and soda pop.

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  1. do we have a review for this ? i found multiple folks basing the product & customer service..

  2. I want to see it on ear. No one shows these things that way so I never buy them….

  3. Bigger than it looks. I’ll leave this here:

  4. I’ve see this POS on eBay for $5.

  5. In my experience, all the headsets with no microphone boom are useless for calls. Yet I do love my small sized Platronics Marque, because I mostly listen to podcasts through it. Since this one comes with no A2DP and no boom, I’d say it’s useless for any application.

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