Deal: $100 off a huge 12,000mAh battery pack from Amazon (but only for the next 13 hours)


jacker battery pack

Traveling this holiday season might keep you away from a wall outlet longer than you anticipate, so one of Amazon’s biggest deal of the day shouldn’t go unnoticed. The online retailer has taken $100 off of a 12,000mAh battery pack made by Jackery Giant+, bringing it down to a very nice $30 after it’s all said and done.

That capacity is enough to charge most tablets once, if not close to twice, while smartphones should enjoy 4-7 good charges (depending on their battery size) from full capacity. The power pack features full-sized USB ports that deliver 5V1A and 5V2.1A charging speeds for delivering juice as fast and efficient as a wall outlet could. Both are powered by a max output of 5V3A so you can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time. Not too shabby at all.

Couple that functionality with a solid 4.5/5 star rating across over 2,700 customer reviews and we’d say this is definitely one to take advantage of while you still can. Amazon only has it at this price until the end of the day — about 13 hours as of the time of this writing — so you’ll want to get a move on it if you don’t already have a beefy battery pack to help keep your stuff juiced on the go.

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  1. Geezus! That thing is normally $130?!!!!??? You all need to look into Anker products.

    1. Wow thanks! Searched on amazon, they have a 13,000 mah for the same price as this!

      1. No problem. I’ve had one of their 10,000 for a couple years. works great.

  2. Yeah. No. You’ve been able to get 10-15k mah batteries for around 30-40 bucks for a year now.

  3. I checked the price history on this. It’s been selling at $40 for months and has never been priced at $130. So that list price is misleading (which is pretty typical for Amazon and other retailers to do). This is basically a $10 off sale. It seems nice for the $30 price. But this isn’t the huge amazing deal one might think it is.

    I bought an Anker 12000 mAh battery a few months ago, which has 3 intelligent USB ports (they auto select the amps needed) and 4 amps of charging power for $45. This has only 2 USB ports and 3 amps of power.

  4. NOPE. Got a 13000mAh Anker last week for $24. A lot of items like to price their original high price in order to create the illusion of a great deal. Have a look below for the price variance for this pack.

  5. Plus the 13000 anker has better charging capability and technology.

  6. How much did Amazon or Jackery pay you to post this article? It’s complete rubbish that this thing is “$100” off.

  7. This thing is still overpriced even with the discount. When a 20,000 mah is going for 34.99.

  8. A previous commenter is correct, Anker has one for the same price but 1000mah higher capacity.
    It’s smaller in size for even easier portability. It’s a better product. And it only retails for $90. For $10 more, u can get a 16,000mah capacity. Where does this product come off at $130?

    1. Don’t know. I think it was done to make people impulse buy it.

      1. No lie, I was about to go impulse buy it, but I thought it was too good to be true, so I came to the comments first. Glad I did. Apparently it’s just another case where they marketed at a high price and say it’s on sale when the sale price is their *actual* selling price. LoL!!

        The shenanigans, I tell you!!

    2. That Anker one is nice but if you are buying for a woman ….. Jockery has a better aesthetics look. Another Android VS Apple debate anyone. Specs VS Looks

      1. But a lady would want the smaller product man. To carry in her purse what if she going out for a night on the town and carry just her clutch?

        1. Good point! But usually if they are getting ready for a night out they are charging their phone before they leave the house. And to reiterate that’s a excellent point!

        2. Most women I know aim for larger screened phones. I think I see a trend…

  9. Meh, I guess Phandroid has to slip in a few paid ads as “real” reviews or deals. The question is who gets the payola? Phandroid or the author???
    I still enjoy the site so whatever…

  10. Phandroid… come on lets not play this game where you make referral money and promote stuff that you also know was never $130 dollars. If you want to remain a trusted source, lets not do crap like this. There are other sites I can get my Android news from, I come here for now.

    1. Just like Droid-Life. I understand they have to generate income but this is no “deal” at all.

      1. For sure, I totally get the income generation. This “deal” is just a bit insulting to the readers intelligence, and shouldn’t have been posted. Let me know who pays $130 dollars for this, I have a few other deals for them like $200 dollars off a rock that prevents tigers.

        1. I have a tiger problem, what’s the link?

    2. The other colors show the regular price… a whopping $39.95 instead of $29.95.

  11. That sucks I literally just got the Gold one for my Wife … Which by the way is the same price I paid for …. Matches her Gold iPhone 5S . I think she cares more about color than actually usage. Great deal nonetheless

    1. Truth be told, there are plenty of better deals out. Folks just need to do a little research before jumping the gun after reading the recommendation of any article.

  12. 7682DUS6

    And this code makes it $16.99

  13. Not as good as the $20,000 unlocked galaxy s5 that I got for 90% off…. Cause 90% is always better then 20%. *yawn*

  14. 100$ my @ss, you can find the same type of power source for 30$, hell I even found 50000mah for 34$!

  15. They just list the $100 off price based on the MSRP. I bought this same charger for my daughter 5 months ago for 40 bucks. BTW, it is a great charger, and it gets her (and her friends sometimes) through a couple days of school (her school is on iPad for education) before she needs to recharge it. IT is a great product and has saved myself a couple of times, as well!

  16. $100 off? haha as if that pos would even sell for that much in the first place. Even if they are paying you money there are some offers you should just reject to avoid looking like fools. Embarrassing

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