Trapster is calling it quits, service shutting down by end of the year


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It was a little over 2 years ago we were talking about an exciting new update to Trapster, one of Android’s first driving assistant applications that alerted users when speed traps, road hazards or police were nearby thanks to helpful community of dedicated users. Sound familiar? It should. That pretty sums up Waze, which over the years built up a big enough user base that they managed to catch Google’s eye.

With less and less users, apps like Trapster which relied heavily on crowd sourced data eventually fell to the wayside and after 7 years, they’ve officially called it quits. Trapster doesn’t go into depth on what caused the shutting of its doors, mentioning only in a tweet and email to its users that after reviewing their “ongoing investments,” it was time to finally shut its doors.

Really, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise and until Waze allows you to choose an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice for navigation, Trapster will forever hold a special place in our heart.

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  1. Somewhere everywhere, cops are now jumping up and down with donuts in their hands.

  2. It was a clunky app full of bogus reports and outdated information. So much potential so little use in reality.

  3. It had potential. I used the warning data information on my GPS. They removed that feature a while ago and I stopped supporting them. One of the reasons it was popular was the incident POI data.
    It also was run on a small budget from what I gather.. the mods were volunteers.

  4. Much better Speed Trap. Bye bye Trapster.

  5. Can you use Waze without internet connection? No? What good is navigation then? Google maps then…

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