South Korea gets Android Lollipop on the LG G3 this week


lg g3 lollipop

LG has announced that they’re bringing Android 5.0 Lollipop on the LG G3 to more people. After a limited rollout in Poland (likely to test the upgrade in a smaller setting), the company has confirmed that folks with the LG G3 on all three major carriers in South Korea would be receiving the upgrade by the end of this week.

While this doesn’t do much for anyone not within those borders, a South Korean rollout likely means LG feels everything is ready for prime time. Just as with LG smartphone launches in the region, you can think of South Korea as the unofficial kickstart to widespread rollouts in other areas as the weeks and months move on.

Unfortunately there’s no telling how long, exactly, it will take for LG to reach more people. First dibs outside of Korea will likely be awarded to owners of unlocked versions. Carrier rollouts throughout Europe and North America will be sure to follow, though as you know the timeline for that is always iffy. Best not to look too far ahead, we’d say (otherwise the wait becomes a tad bit unbearable). We’ll be reaching out to LG to see if they have anything to share on rollout plans for other regions.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Good luck to them……lollipop sucks. I wish there is an easy way to go back to kitkat.

    1. you can’t please everybody

      1. Yeah, I bet some people are just loving when most apps don’t work or don’t work well. They also love to be kept awake at night voz the thing keeps on buzzing. Its their holy grail. I wish I’m one of them.

        1. which phone do you have?

    2. I agree. This is the first time I’ve reverted to a previous version. We need xposed and tweakbox!

  2. Never buying anything other than a nexus. I moved from iOS to Android this year looking for the great phone and got an LG G3(sweet phone) but i’m inpatient about updates.

    1. I feel the pros of other phones are better at this point compared to Nexus. I mean my LG G2 running the G3 software gives me very good hardware, good form factor I can use in one hand, a large screen, great battery and good camera, and a good software experience. I’m not dying for an update because my phone is solid enough as it is. An update would just be a cool addition. The cost of having a Nexus 5 in comparison would be considerably worse battery life and camera, and not as nice hardware, compared to getting an update a few weeks earlier (also lacking many of LG’s nice software tweaks.)

    2. If you want a good Android phone I recommend getting something by Motorola. For the past few years they’ve actually beat Google in the update game. Also, they use a pretty much stock interface but with some extra goodies on top. – A Moto and Nexus user

      1. Agree

      2. Motorola can’t beat Google they were Google lol thats why, how are you going to beat the maker of the software? Google provided it to moto because moto was under google’s control with stock android its easy and then their nexus Google wants it right.

        1. Really? In October full control of Motorola was trasnfered to Lenovo and not just one, but TWO Motorola phones(The Moto X 2014 and the Brazilian Moto G) have beaten the Nexus line to the Lollipop patch.

          1. So what if it was transferred in October? It takes more than a month to build software lollipop had been in the works before the transfer.

          2. All members of the OHA receive the software at the same time, otherwise Google would be taking lots of crap from just about every OEM ever

  3. G2… waiting…((())))

  4. My LG Spectrum got a blast yesterday, a high speed projectile passed through it.
    Video on Youtube. “LG Spectrum meets high speed projectile.”

    1. Shooting up a phone just because. Ah, America. The epitome of irresponsible firearm sales, usage and training.

  5. Stiiiiiilll waiting on my Nexus 7 (2013) to update…

  6. Get it early and have so many bugs or wait until it’s polished and clean from all boogers?

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