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For a world where we are so tethered to our digital lives, so much of is still dependent on paper. You remember paper, right? The compressed form of tree pulp used to writing and printing. Why can’t we reconcile this paper-filled existence with our technologically advanced society? Now we can, with Doxie, the portable document scanner.

Scan those documents as you go. Receipts? Sure. Parking tickets? Not a problem. Photos? Not sure who still prints physical photos, but if you have old ones, sure, go ahead and scan away. Doxie stores its scans internally, but can sync to a Mac or PC to offload documents at your leisure. A plus for Android users is the ability to store saved documents on an SD card for easy access on your mobile.

Buy Doxie portable scanner for $139 from

You don’t want to get excited about a paper scanner? Boo hiss. As far as paper scanners go, this one is pretty darn cool. Normally $200, it’s yours from for only $139.

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  1. How fast will this ship?

  2. This seems like a better office/home desk scanner as I can use my phone to take adequate pictures of receipts and parking tickets, and there’s OCR apps.

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