Toys R Us Black Friday 2014 ad: kid-friendly Android tablets on sale for cheap


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Toys R Us is readying their big Black Friday event for next week, and with that we’ve gotten our first look at the ad scans for the big day. Alongside a ridiculously massive sea of toys, games and other kid-centric stuff are a healthy selection of Android tablets receiving steep discounts.

A few of Samsung’s affordable options are being put up for grabs, though folks looking to get a cheap kids’ tablet for their children will also find some very nice deals. Here’s the full list of everything you’ll be able to fight in the aisles for:

  • Polaroid 7-inch Android tablet for $39.99
  • Polaroid 9-inch Android tablet for $59.99
  • Camelio 2 7-inch Android tablet with free accessories for $69.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch Kids’ Edition for $129.99
  • Kurio 7S kids’ Android tablet for $99.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7-inch for $149.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8-inch for $199.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10-inch for $249.99
  • Nabi 2 kids’ Android tablet for $119.99
  • Amazon Fire HD 6-inch for $79.99
  • Amazon Fire HD 7-inch for $109.99
  • Skullcandy Jib ear-buds for $4.99
  • Kurio Touch 4S 4-inch multimedia player for $29.99

Toys R Us will be opening 5pm on Thanksgiving evening and all throughout Black Friday so be sure to get in as early as possible to make sure you don’t miss out (though we hear certain Rewards R Us members will be invited to shop Black Friday deals early on Sunday, November 23rd). Drop a line below if you’re looking to get in on any of this.

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  1. polaroid 7 inch doesn’t appear online when i search, shame, iw anted to get 2 of these for my girlfriend’s daughters

    1. You might want to read some of the reviews on Amazon first. You don’t want to piss off your girlfriend’s daughters. I’d prob pay $4 not $40.

      1. Those tablets suck that much?

        1. There’s a reason why they are only $40.

          1. well i know they are not great tablets, but the kids are 4 and 7 and we never see our own tablets because they are using them, her ipad mini and my nexus 7 (’13”). so i figured spend a few bucks for them to use youtube and some kids games and when they do eventually smash them it won’t be too bad because they learn a lesson and i spent less than $100

          2. Unless they smash them in a fit of rage because they continuously lock up and refuse to work. Then all they will have learned is that they hate Android (undeservedly) and will expect iPads next year.

          3. That is very true. Most of these tablets have horrible reviews when it comes to fluidity. The nabi 2 is probably the best of the bunch. It actually is a great tablet. I use it once in a while and the kids love it. And you can run google play market and amazon market which gives you free apps every day.

  2. My son has had the Nabi 2 and daughter a Nabi Jr. (Nick Jr. edition) and I’d say just them them a Nexus 7 (’12 or ’13, doesn’t matter) or similar normal tab at this point. You can have separate profiles for kids and lock it down still like you can the Nabis, but you don’t have to deal with crappy proprietary chargers, no software updates (Nabi 2 got updated to 4.1 a year or so ago and that’s is), and much more versatile.

    1. Getting them Nexus devices would be great if it wasn’t for the fact that the Google Play store doesn’t have Nexus 7’s and 10’s available anymore (in Canada, anyway).

      1. You can get them from almost any online retailer or brick and mortar store. Most of the deals for them are on eBay though.


    25 miles??!?!?!?! Holy crap! When I was a kid, walkie talkies barely worked when within a sight line. Kids these days are spoiled, I tell ya!

  4. Anyone looking for a Tablet should review the half of dozen new models available through TabletMaxx —

    Including the new Ramos technology i-series tablets, which Intel corp. partnered with this year – one model is the Ramos i9s that launched last week and is powered by one of Intel’s latest Silvermont-based processors and sells for $240 — with a premium build quality & features that compare to the $400 Nexus 9

    Ramos also offers an Ultra-size tablet 12-inch model – the Ramos i12 ($289) that’s super lightweight and also powered by an Intel processor —

    Two other holiday Deals through TabletMaxx include the 7-inch Venus tablet ($69) which is one of the best quality tablets available anywhere priced under $100 and offers a fast quad core processor along with a high quality HD screen — there’s also an amazing deal on a leather iPad Case with Bluetooth keyboard included for $20 (regularly $59).

    1. Spoken like a true TabletMaxx employee…

  5. These prices suck. The nabi 2 will be sold for 99.99 somewhere else on bf. I just don’t remember where.

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