Nexus 6 Unboxing and First Impressions [Video]




There’s no doubt about it, the latest smartphone from Google, the Motorola built Nexus 6, is a whale of a phone. In the video below, I unbox the Nexus 6 and feast my eyes upon Google’s phablet for the very first time. Coming from a Motorola Moto X 2014 and previously the original Moto X, I can clearly tell how this phone dwarfs my previous daily drivers. While I haven’t been a fan of phablets in the past, I’m willing to give it a try, all in the name of the full Google Experience.

While myself and other Phandroid writers put our brand new Nexus phones through the daily grind, feel free to hit up our official Nexus 6 forums and ask us any questions while we work on our upcoming reviews.

It’s Nexus season fellow Phandroids, and it’s only just begun.


Derek Ross
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TWRP Recovery already available for the Nexus 6 (now all you have to do is get one)

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  1. Did anyone notice that no Nexus 6s were available on the Play Store today? I’ve had the store autorefreshing every 5 seconds all day and nothing.

  2. My biggest concern is the battery life… People has been reporting 3-4 hours of screen-on time, and that would be a deal breaker for me, aside from how big the Nexus 6 is.
    Are you guys getting the same results for battery life?

    1. That’s good for a phone this size. Besides charge it for 30 min and your at 70% battery life or more.

    2. http://imgur.com/a/2lDIx

      Battery life is not a problem on this guy-

      1. Seems like you mostly use it lightly-moderate use, which is what I mainly use as well.

        Thanks for that!

    3. It’s way too early to tell, we’ll all be putting this thing through tons of battery tests, check back in about a week or so for our review.

  3. No headphones? Did I miss them? Boo lol. Jk

  4. Does this have the fast charging like the turbo if so not worried about the screen on time. This phone is a set beast

    1. Sexy beast not set

    2. yes it does have fast charging. went from 25% to 100% in 1hr

    3. Yes it does come with turbo charger

    4. yes it does, it comes with a Moto Turbo Charger that gives the phone 6 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. I’ll be doing a test on how long it takes to get to 100% later.

  5. Nexus season! i like the sound of that!

  6. on screen battery life is average compared to other phones, so is this phone worth it let me know…

  7. I’m concerned, given the size, that this my smack against my package if I am wearing loose fitting trousers or shorts. Have you experienced this phenomena at all?

    1. Don’t worry, it will give your junk something to strive for.

    2. Oddly, I have while running with the Note 3. Of course that’s while wearing running shorts that aren’t meant to hold a huge phone, but still.

  8. Just got mine direct from Motorola a week before promised. Big but great screen and metal ring feels great. Camera looks impressive from 1 picture I took in total darkness.

  9. So pretty

  10. your Pennsylvania Dutch accent is brutal. unlistenable.

  11. Looks great on video…can’t wait to get mine tomorrow. Distinctive looking phone.

  12. It’s a shame shamu is so ridiculously big, it’s the first Nexus I have no interest in.

    However as a Moto X fan it’s also a shame Moto didn’t put the nicer more conservative logo on the back that’s on the Nexus 6.

    1. oh you mean the phone that’s sold out everywhere that no one can get?

      1. Doesn’t mean much when Google barely makes any Nexus phones. They have this problem every time. iPhone 6 outsells it probably 100:1 and I can walk into any store and buy one right now or get service on it (not that I want to).

    2. Its interesting that for first time I’m interested in Nexus device.

  13. Anyone heard a release date for Verizon?

  14. The back on that doesn’t look bluish

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