T-Mobile starts selling the Nexus 6 today



If you’re with Magenta and looking to get the Nexus 6 through them, you’ll need to wake up and get going starting today. The company is now selling the Nexus 6 via their online storefront, and some stores are also expected to carry stock today. It’s not clear how many units will be available so you’ll want to stake your claim as soon as you can.

T-Mobile’s version of the Android Lollipop flagship retails for $649.92 off-contract, though you can get it through Simple Choice with $0 down for $27.08 per month for 24 months. Add another $50 to the off-contract price or another $3 to the monthly installments if you prefer 64GB instead of 32GB.

The Nexus 6 is the first smartphone in the series that journeys into phablet territory, and if you can get past that ridiculous 6-inch form factor there are some real treats under the hood. Highlights of its specs include a 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 chipset, 3GB of RAM and a 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display. It’s also sporting a 13 megapixel camera on the rear, front-facing speakers and more.

Here’s the link you’ll want if you’re interested in getting it through T-Mobile, but be warned — we’re hearing many of the earlier orders placed are showing up as backordered once you make it all the way through checkout. Might be worth calling a few stores in your area to see about immediate availability if you don’t feel like dealing with that headache. Let us know if you’ll be grabbing one.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC One M8 and M7 Google Play editions will receive Android 5.0 Lollipop this Friday, Nov 21st

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  1. Good luck finding one!

  2. You may get a 32GB

  3. I ordered the 64GB online early this morning and it immediately showed backordered and when i completed the order it has an estimated arrival date of 12/2

    1. i knew it would be like this lol

      1. this phone is definitely selling like hot cakes, i got lucky enough to have my play store 64gb blue in shipping now for tomorrow arrival.

        1. This is from the bottom of my heart and i’m sure i am not the only one lol

    2. Hopefully their idea of backordered is like the iphone 6 backordered. I ordered that one on friday and it came Monday even though status was backordered when I placed the order.

      1. I just called customer service and they are showing the phone in stock and the status now shows pending shipment. They said I should have it by Monday with the 3 day shipping I used.

    3. That’s the same date for my 2 32s from Motorola.

  4. I ordered a 64GB this morning, then the site went bonkers. I called customer service, who verified that I had placed the order, but couldn’t find an order number. When I asked him about the message saying the phone was out of stock, he couldn’t find any corroborating evidence. According to the customer service system, the Nexus 5 is currently out of stock, but there should be no problems with the 6. Given the info out there, I am more apt to believe the out-of-stock message. Problem is, I asked for the overnight delivery option before the out-of-stock message showed up… because I’m going out of town for a long time and I wanted the phone before next year!

    1. same thing happened to me, i had to log out and log back in while on the phone with customer support and it verified that my order was placed.

    2. I decided to call the store closest to home, and discovered that the order was showing up as cancelled — probably because I was unable to complete the process and click whatever final confirmation button was required. The store confirmed that there were no plans for them to receive any devices for in-store sales, but could order it for pickup in-store. They could also do the 24-month payment plan and take a trade in of an old phone. This works better for me, at least.

  5. i just called all of the surrounding stores and none have them and the last store i just called told me to call back after their product delivery at noon. so i’ll try spam calling all the stores again at noon. lol

    1. Yeah same for me, they told me to call back around 3 PM. The guy on the phone even said “Motorola screwed up the first shipment so everything else has been delayed”

        1. Let us know if your spam calling works. it’ll give me hope lol

          1. I am officially defeated. Spam calling didn’t work. actually had 2 stores tell me that stores WON’T be getting them at all. Another said that they didn’t know when they would be getting them and another said in the next few weeks in store.

            so i logged in online and ordered a 32gb (they’re in stock online) and had it next day shipped. so hopefully i’ll have it tomorrow.

          2. i hope that it actually ships and i get it tomorrow. no flashing red text said that it is backorderd and when i selected next day delivery it had the 20th as the estimated date… i fear that i am gonna get an email saying that its NOW backorder until February or something.

  6. As of 10:40 am eastern tmobile has them in stock 32G only. Just ordered 2. Call customer service and get yours too!

  7. Nexus 6 should have some real multitasking capabilities to really be considered a phablet. It does essentially everything my one M8 can do

    1. Getting the feeling that you said that just to try and make a big Nexus fan mad.

      1. Just stating facts… It would be nice to have a 6 inch device had software that took advantage of the screen size.

        1. It’s rumored to be coming in an OTA sometime in 2015.

        2. Meaning what, exactly? Just curious what they didn’t do that you wanted them to do?

          1. For one they made a 6 inch device that operates no different from a device that’s 4.5in. They can add some type of multi screen or hovering apps feature similar to what’s done by Samsung and LG. It’s just the same ol boring stock android… Just made a bit prettier.

    2. It’s rumored to be coming to Lollipop in an OTA sometime in 2015.

  8. Hi!I just called T-Mobile and they only have the blue one and in 32g.no 64s they are blue and on back order.that sucks. No white at all.I think this is crazy.no choice.I am going to wait and keep my LG G3 for now.

    1. you could always get one from tmobile and sell it, and use the money to buy the white one from google play store.

  9. I’ll keep my One Plus One & Nexus 5. No thank you Nexus 6

  10. my 64 said backordered when I placed the order at around 8 AM EST. However my status does not say backordered, it says “Being Processed”. Hopefully it ships in the next day or 2, but my hopes are not high

  11. I’ll probably get one in January, in the meantime I’m enjoying lollipop on Nexus 5.

  12. I just got mine from a local T-Mobile store. They fortunately had it in stock. In and out with a nexus 6 pretty quick.

    1. i call bullshit unless you stay in L.A. or New York

      1. I live near D.C.
        For proof:

      2. Youre a clown. Why would he lie about it?

  13. They are always out too.

  14. I thought about buying it….. but my Nexus 4 with Lollipop just makes me want to keep my phone longer….And new Nexus phones will be coming anyway, so I can wait another 12 months….

  15. My 64GB will be here friday

  16. So i got my order confirmation and tracking number. THE SHIPPING FACILITY IN MY AREA IS IN KENTUCKY.(don’t know if its the “main” shipping facility though) I STAY IN INDIANA AND PAID FOR NEXT DAY SHIPPING. SAVE YOUR MONEY IF YOU LIVE CLOSE TO KENTUCKY AND GO THREE DAY OR STANDARD SHIPPING.

    1. Every nexus device that I have order has came from there and I’m in NJ

      1. i think they should share where the product is coming from though before paying for shipping. i probably could’ve gotten it the same time with 3 day shipping or even standard. hell i could’ve driven down there and picked it up for free. *thinks to himself* that’s not a bad idea. lol

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