For $30, you can relive your gaming glory days with this NES30 Bluetooth controller [DEAL]



If you have been gaming since the 80s, chances are you have fond memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It brought us its share of iconic games, but perhaps no piece of Nintendo history is more familiar than the original NES controller. Ergonomics be damned, the rectangular controller was as simple as it was functional, perfectly suited for the 8-bit games it would help bring to life.

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Controllers have evolved a great deal since the heyday of the NES, but if you are longing for a bit of nostalgia with some modern updates, you’ll want to snag the NES30 Bluetooth controller. It may bring back memories of the past, but there is no time like the present with 25% savings through That’s an Android-compatible Bluetooth controller for only $29.99.

Updated features include the aforementioned Bluetooth wireless control (try that with your old Nintendo!), additional buttons to adapt to today’s games, and a reprogrammable button layout. The NES30 charges via USB for up to 20 hours of game time.

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  1. Funny how this controller influenced every controller that came after. This is the entire reason people are griping nowadays about not having a Select and Start button on the new consoles. All dates back to this.

    1. So true.

  2. Bought this thing a few months ago. Works like a charm on my S4 with some NES emulators. Great for long plane rides.

  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone! If you have additional questions about the NES30, feel free to contact us directly at!

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