Watch this: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0 LolliWiz, er – Lollipop [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 5.0 Lollipop TouchWiz

Late last month we got a sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S5 running a leaked Android 5.0 Lollipop build and today, the folks at SamMobile are back yet again, this time giving us a look at Google’s latest update as it runs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Really, there’s not too much here we haven’t already seen in the previous Galaxy S5 video, but for those curious to see how Samsung has butchered tailored the OS to fit on the big screen, including adding their new flavor of TouchWiz into the mix. Check out the video below.


Before any critiques can be made, it’s important to remind yourself that, again, this is an early version of Samsung’s software running on the Note 3. That being said, we’re not too enthusiastic about how Samsung hasn’t — at least at this point — adhered to Google’s new Material design guidelines but then again, this is Samsung we’re talking about here. They could be on the right track in terms of color scheme, but overall the OS seems dull and lifeless with none of the fancy animations we’ve come to expect from Lollipop.

No word on when a Android 5.0 rollout could begin, but given the excitement over the biggest Android update ever, we imagine Samsung wont be dragging their feet.

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  1. Honestly I’m disappointed. Lollipop is gorgeous and I was excited to see how the manufacturers were going to incorporate their style into it.

  2. Mehhhh, just do away with Touchwiz Already, wheres CM when you need them lol

    1. AMEN!!!! I have the Galaxy Note Edge and EVERYDAY I check XDA for a custom ROM….SIGH….

  3. Love Samsung phones but their slow roll out of lollipop is making me hold off on upgrading to the Note 4, I just may go with the G3 instead.

    1. I’ll probably just head back to Nexus devices after my two phone Samsung experiment. Especially now that we have a 6″ Nexus device that’ll support wifi calling. (Wifi calling was probably the main thing keeping me with the Notes on Tmo.)

      1. Not to mention it will support band 12 LTE which will pick up better signals in buildings on tmo anyway

    2. G3 is a turd compared to the note 4. Yes, I’ve owned both.

  4. I just want it to fix my battery issue. When I first got my Note 3 it had better battery life than my note 2, but after I upgraded the OS it has sucked. I am now having to worry about my phone losing charge (something I have not had to do since getting the note 2). And yes I have done the factory reset many times and even had ATT send me a new battery.

  5. You really can’t even tell the Material Design elements are there because of how horrible Touchwiz looks. Geeeshhhh

  6. Lol didn’t google post an article about how Samsung needs to dial back the skin crap? Doesn’t even look like an update even occurred…..

  7. Why do they insist on ruining a good thing..

  8. I already know Sense will look way better on top of lollipop

  9. The transitions look like what I’ve seen from stock 5.0 so far.
    As for the rest of TW, or, SENSE for that matter, that’s what you get, their unique look/feel.
    If you want something closer to stock, get a MOTOROLA or SONY device & enjoy the MEH’s to your hearts content.

    As for the coloring of HTC or SAMSUNG, I’d take that vs. the Crayola 64 pastel look in all its flatness.

    Actually, take CYANOGENMOD’s U/I & look & tack-on the features of HTC or SAMSUNG & then you’ll have a winner……..

    1. You like the Gingerbread looks of TouchWiz and call Vanilla Android meh?

      1. Sure do.Changing things just for change sake doesn’t ncessarily make it a better product.

        WINDOWS 7 vs WINDOWS 8.xx comes to mind……..

        1. Lollipop has definitely been polarizing. I like it. I think it is clean and looks more mature than previous iterations of Android. But that is the beauty of Android. It has something for everybody.

          As for Windows 8, I don’t like it but I don’t think it was change JUST for change sake. MS was trying to innovate, and it just happened to be too much, too soon.

  10. Actually it doesn’t look too bad. You can see some of the lollipop design elements with the big button at the bottom and color coded schemes for different apps. The gallery app also looks intriguing as well. Would have been nice if I hadn’t already sold my Note 3 in preparation for the Nexus 6.

    1. Who at Google thought it was necessary to color code the apps as if we were morons and couldn’t figure out which app we were currently using without first seeing the color? I want the Nexus 6 but the internal battery is a no sell for me. I usually keep my phones for at least two years and then use them beyond that as remote controls, music players, etc. Having an internal battery means after a year you will be having issues and it only gets worse from there on. My Note 3 is only a year old and it needs a new battery. This isn’t just mine either as both my gf and my cousin both have Note 3’s and their batteries are starting to go after a year. I like being able to go on Amazon and get a new Samsung Battery for $7 and then put it in and have a new phone again! I can live without SD, although I would rather have it too, but no removable battery is a dealbreaker for me personally.

  11. Please Lord, don’t let the S6 have this lolliwiz nonsense.

    I hope part of their new strategy announced – less phones, focus on their top tier phones, totally new Galaxy design coming, less Samsung bloat installed – is just give up on Touchwiz already. It is continually bashed by reviewers, users, partners, top media houses… the timing is right to let it die as they simply cannot do it better than the stock OS does it. Death to Touchwiz should be part of the new Samsung strategy to get back on top.

    1. Samsung is stuck with TouchWiz. There are some that do actually like it. And the large majority of Galaxy owners are a lot like iPhone users, meaning they buy the brand and expect it to stay familiar. And so, like iPhone users that were upset by the drastic changes between iOS 6 and 7, they might revolt against Vanilla-ish Android verses old dated TouchWiz. Kinda like old people that refuse to update from Windows XP.

  12. I don’t know about ya’ll but GIVE Me a BLACK Lollipop theme Geez I love lollipops animation but there too much color and crap :p

    1. Yeah, not a fan of the new Crayola design.

  13. That looks completely nasty. I think Lollipop itself looks great, but Samsung has made it look really ugly and everything seems to run very slowly on the phone he is demoing on.

  14. Touch-Wiz will always be the best option for Android. Unless you want the iphones of android, the nexus.

    1. You forgot to say you’re being sarcastic

    2. “Touch-Wiz will always be the best option for Android”…. If you miss Gingerbread.

    3. If you’re 16, touchwiz is pretty cool.

  15. And… I think I’ll end up moving over to Cyanogen when they’ve got their Lollipop version ready.

  16. I’m done with Samsung phones for good every galaxy phone i buy is good for a year max, then it all slows down and crashes, im def moving to Htc or Sony

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