Jolla’s $200 tablet already smashed its IndieGoGo goal by $180,000 on the first day


Jolla is back with their second device, and this time it’s a SailFish 2.0 tablet that they’ve decided to fund through the wonderful virtues of crowdfunding. The Jolla Tablet hit IndieGoGo earlier this morning with a lofty goal of $380,000. While we imagine they were confident in their ability to hit that goal, we don’t know if anyone anticipated that they would be able to meet that goal within the first two hours. We also didn’t know they’d roar on to raise $180,000 more as of the time of this writing.

jolla tablet 1

So what’s SailFish, and why are we writing about it? It’s a Linux-based open source mobile platform made by the folks at Jolla, and while it has its own applications framework and APIs, the team built SailFish to be fully compatible with Android apps. You could sideload pretty much anything you want that doesn’t already exist in SailFish’s apps marketplace.

jolla tablet 5

Version 2.0 of SailFish introduces a couple of cool changes, including Ambiances for easily changing the way the user interface works, or an Events view that shows all your upcoming meetings and dates on the calendar, notifications and more.

jolla tablet 6

But the most exciting thing about SailFish OS isn’t its features, it’s clean look or its intuitive multi-tasking setup (all of which you can read about right here): it’s the prospect of its users having a voice in its ongoing development. Jolla draws most of their inspiration straight from their own community, and the tablet’s day one IndieGoGo performance is a testament to how much that means to many folks.

The tablet isn’t too shabby for its $200 asking price, either. Here’s what you can expect under the hood:

  • 64-bit 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage + SD card slot
  • 7.85-inch 2048 x 1536 IPS display (330 ppi)
  • 5.0MP rear camera, 2.0MP front camera
  • 4,300mAh battery
  • Dual-band WiFi N
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 203 x 137 x 8.3mm
  • 384g

It’s not going to blow you away on the basis of specs and horsepower, but those internals should be more than enough for a pain-free SailFish experience. Want to get your hands on one? Jolla is currently offering early bird special prices for folks who stamp their ticket early.

The device was going for as low as $189 pledges at one point, though the current tier for early pledges sits at $204. We’re not sure what the exact retail price will end up being just yet, though we imagine they won’t look to move further than a comfortable $250. The tablet is due in March 2015 (don’t hold them to that) and ships the US, EU, Norway, Switzerland, India, China, Hong Kong and Russia. Be sure to take a look at Jolla’s feel-good promo video up above.

[via IndieGoGo]

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  1. Already ordered one. Have the phone too and it runs android apps. I’m sure this tablet will also run them.

  2. The more Linux the better. We must take these Windows bastards by storm!

  3. Specs are pretty weak and behind the curve. So great, the OS is cool, but the hardware running it is dated – and will be even more dated – by the time this actually sees the light of day (as most crowd funded projects hit delays). I’ll pass.

    1. How are the specs pretty weak and behind the curve? How many tablets again have a 64-bit CPU? More than 2GB of RAM? Higher than 2048×1536 resolution?

      1. That intel processor tho

        1. That Intel processor is a Bay Trail processor meaning it is modern. While it may not be the highest performing CPU on the tablet market, it sure as heck is better in this application than it is being stuffed into 11″ laptops.

          1. But wouldnt it make more sense to use something ARM as theyre cheaper and faster? Just sayin.

          2. Perhaps they chose Intel for a reason? Not sure.

            I’d just about say that this is the exact CPU they’re using:

      2. We are at 15-20mp cameras.. this will have a 5mp cam.

        We are at 805 processors with 2.7ghz.. this will have a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor

        phones are coming with 3gb RAM.. this will have 2GB

        tablets are coming in at 6-7ish mm thick, this is 8.3mm

        There are tablets with 9000 mAh battery.. this has 4300

        That’s just off the top of my head. And this is not even made yet. Future tablets and phones are already thinking way ahead of these specs.

        1. Is this trolling or serious? I actually can’t tell

          1. He’s serious. Tho trolling he does great

          2. Dead serious. No troll.. just because people no like a persons take and opinion on something does not mean they are trolling nor should be accused of it.

            The OS potential of this tablet is cool and the REAL value worth supporting. The hardware, not so much and won’t be certainly by the time this breaths life….. if it ever does.

          3. That’s why I asked instead of accused

        2. Please go away, you have no idea what your talking about.

          1. What do I have wrong? Does the hardware tech I list above not exist in phones and tablets? Is the hardware tech of this device not what I said?

            The point is, when and if this thing is released, by the time it is, it will be weak sauce hardware.

          2. This is from the same guy saying if you’re phone doesnt have the 805 and 3GB of ram you don’t have a flagship. Dude, get outta your Mons basement and get some fresh air

          3. 3gb and the 805 ARE the immediate future. What is right around the corner and being developed RIGHT NOW by BIG companies WITH money – not corny crowdsource money that might end up with a product or might not (or a scaled back product as they find they cannot even deliver what they claimed) – ARE 805’s and 3gb’s and huge batteries.

            Their cheap price for their cheap tablet is based on what they can do now. Not what others are capable of and are doing now and today while these guys are thinking about maybe making this.

            The OS, I get it, that is what everyone really wants here, but that OS is still going to have to run on dated weak hardware.

          4. Okay, lets simplify this for you, but only your first point as the rest is covered in another reply.

            Does Snapdragon 805 have the fastest CPU in a mobile device? NO.
            Does Snapdragon 805 have the fastest GPU in a mobile device? NO.
            Is Snapdragon 805 the future? NO.

            Is this sinking in?

          5. Well there are a few issues with your post.

            Firstly, your comparing completely different CPU’s based on clockspeeds which means nothing without knowing how they compare to each other clock for clock.

            Whether or not the device has 2GB or 3GB of memory doesn’t make any difference to performance right now, waste of time even mentioning this.

            Device thickness is just fine, 1 or 2mm difference is not going to matter.

            Most 7-8″ tablets have smaller battery’s to reflect their size, expecting a 9000mah battery in this device is just stupid.

            Also your completely missing the point that this is a budget tablet and not meant to be competing with high end devices.

        3. First, you’re wrong in comparing phone specs to tablet specs. Second, this is slated to be a $250 device. The specs are nice for that price. If you want more specs, you’ll pay more for those same specs.

          Third, battery size means squat. How the software/hardware utilizes that battery is what counts. Since you like to compare phones, I’ll do the same: The battery in the Galaxy S5 is only 200mAh bigger than that in the S4 but has a heck of a lot better battery life than the S4. 200mAh isn’t what fixed the battery life issue, Samsung’s software/hardware tweaks did. Better yet, the battery in the Sony Z3/Z3C are only 3,100mAh but have worlds better battery life than phones with larger batteries.

  4. Why do I always get targeted w/spam?!

    1. Also why the hammer and sickle??

      1. Probaly assumes that all Linux users are commies

  5. Isnt that the guy from Scary movie 2

      1. So wrong……..

  6. Great specs for the price point, but I would rather go with the Nokia N1 than this,

    1. Nexus 7 or 10 would be nicer to have.

      1. Not really, both Nexus 7 and 10 are slower devices, slower CPU and GPU, and that’s not even taking 64bit support into consideration.

        The Nexus 10 being the slowest of the two, especially for graphics because of that 2560 x 1600 display.

        This has 32GB as standard and supports an sdcard so it also has expandable storage and 2048 x 1536 IPS display. It’s not widescreen but still sounds better than both Nexus tablets.

  7. 64 bit and Intel. I might give this a shot.

    1. Wouldn’t Intel make you not want to get it?

      1. Why? Since this is Linux as the base I would have an easier time getting Linux apps to run on. Android apps are secondary. I do believe there are far more x86 apps for linux then there are arm based apps for linux.

        Also depending on how they implement the api to run android apps I see no reason why you can’t run arm based android apps on this just like any number of x86 based android devices.

      2. Explain, please.

        1. Intel is underpowered and over-priced

          1. The Intel Atom CPU is actually pretty quick and the PowerVR G6430 GPU is quite capable, for a budget priced tablet they are definitely not overpriced.

          2. Whichever Intel Atom processor is in Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Tablet is definately NOT underpowered. It’s easily the fastest, smoothest Android device I’ve used. I wouldn’t know whether they’re overpriced, but considering they’re going into inexpensive tablets now, they couldn’t be too overpriced.

          3. For the price thier good ones cost, ie. An i7, you could get a just as good processor from lets AMD or some other manufacturer using ARM architecture for less

          4. There is no ARM processor that comes anywhere remotely close to the performance of an i7. The Atom processors are what Intel’s positioning to compete with ARM, and from what I’ve seen, they’re doing quite well.

          5. There is no ARM processor that is even close to being in the same league as an i7. AMD doesn’t even make a desktop processor that competes in that arena.

          6. A 35$ processor is not overpriced and not underpowered it beats an A7 I’m not sure about 805 and A8 tho

  8. Another fail all over

  9. Really? That’s it? A little disappointing. It’s hard for anyone in this space to do something so transformational to win me over. Kind of sad

  10. Those specs suck. It is last year’s tablet on a homegrown OS. If you want an under-powered tablet with a jacked up OS, the Amazon FireHD 6 is $100.

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