Nexus 6 Naked Tough Case now available on Google Play


Nexus 6 Naked Tough case

After a couple of Nexus 6 cases popped on the Google Play Store earlier this month but were initially marked as “coming soon,” at least one of them is now available for purchase. The Naked Tough Case — a clear plastic protective case with a pop out kickstand — can now be purchased for $35 and ships out in 1-2 days.

Still absent is the Stand Folio Case which not only protects the front of the device with a protective flap, but features pockets for storing ID and credit cards. No word on when that might be available, but if you’re desperate for some OEM protection for the Nexus 6, the Naked Tough case might be your best bet. Play Store link provided below.

Nexus 6 Naked Tough Case on Google Play

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  1. 35$ for a plastic case that will break on the first drop. Google should be named the overpriced king of this year.

  2. Great. Now if the phone would just be available. Called most of the Tmo stores in KC and haven’t found a single one that’ll have stock tomorrow.

    1. Try a store in whatever malls you may have there. I tried that trick with Valley Fair mall here in Santa Clara CA and they had the elusive Note Edge in stock. Try for Moto Nexus

      1. I think we have one mall left in all of KC… and it’s nowhere near me.

  3. I would look weird walking around talking to a case without a phone in it.

    1. Well played sir. Well played.

  4. I’ll get the Spigen folio case. It uses a TPU case to hold the phone so it will actually protect it.

  5. Went with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. $10 from Amazon. Can’t possibly provide any less protection than this thing.

  6. What good does a case do if I don’t have a Nexus 6 to put in it! Please Google and Moto, relase the beast!

  7. What good does a case do if I don’t have a Nexus 6 to put in it??!! Please Google and Moto, relase the beast!

  8. I’d just wait a few weeks and get the same thing for 4$ on ebay…

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