Nexus 6 Stand Folio and Naked Tough case accessories hit the Google Play Store


nexus 6 stand folio case

Google has just listed the official accessories you’ll be able to buy alongside your Nexus 6 once it makes its way to doorsteps later this month. First is a Stand Folio case, which offers your standard folio-style protection for both the front and back of the phone. Front flap will protect the display while not in use. On the inside is a micro fiber lining and slots for credit and identification cards. The case can also be used to prop the Nexus 6 up at a comfortable viewing angle in the absence of a kickstand.

For those who prefer something a bit more revealing, the Naked Tough case provides a clear, impact-resistant hard shell and bumper protection to make sure the phone can survive most falls. Chrome-like buttons cover the device’s volume rocker and power button, while a built-in kickstand will get you the same comfortable viewing angle as the Stand Folio case mentioned above.

nexus 6 naked tough case

Ready for pricing? Me neither — $40 for the Stand Folio, while the Naked Tough case is $5 cheaper. You’re sure to find quality cases for much cheaper on Amazon and other sources once the device is finally available, but if you only deal with official accessories then you’ll have to pony up that much coin.

Unfortunately the cases are still listed as “coming soon” as of the time of this writing, but they should be made available at some point before the Nexus 6 begins shipping. Let us know if you’ll be looking to get either of these once they land.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I will stick with Spigen if they make the case for NEXUS 6.

    1. They are making one, you can pre-order it now on Amazon. They have a few options

      1. Guys….let’s get the phone first

    2. I’ve already ordered all 4 color options for the Spigen Neo Hybrid. I love that case, had it on the Note 3. You have to have enough of them to swap out because they scuff easily but the look and fit is perfect.

  2. The naked case looks nice. Combine with glass screen protector.

  3. So I can buy a case for a phone that is harder to get than Ebola. Thanks Google. Because that’s exactly what I want, the case for the phone most people can’t buy.

    However once one of these mythical Nexus 6’s are found and I can buy one I’m going to grab a Spigen slim armor for it. Damn nice cases.

    1. I’m mad you made that comparison. LoL!!

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