Next-gen iPhone could look even more like the HTC One M8 thanks to dual rear facing cameras [RUMOR]


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It’s not necessarily Android news per se, but new rumors about next year’s iPhone (yes, already) suggest Apple could be taking cues from the HTC One M8 and its unique dual lens setup. You know, the one most everyone thought was great in theory, but ultimately failed in execution? According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame, Apple could be planning something big for the next-gen iPhone (iPhone 6s?) with their secret weapon being 2 lenses outfitted on the back that are said to deliver DSLR-like photo quality.

Promises of enhanced image quality on most any flagship smartphone are nothing new. But year after year, this usually doesn’t amount to much, with little-to-moderate improvements over previous iterations. We saw this with the HTC One M8 which uses 2 cameras on the back — one 4MP “UltraPixel” camera sensor for capturing more light, and the other for capturing depth data — but did little to actually improve photo quality. With smartphones becoming thinner and thinner every year, an extra camera housing on the back could be one way manufacturers tackle the problem of low light quality and depth of field, 2 areas smartphone cameras have long struggled with thanks to their tiny sensors.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed just yet and it wasn’t entirely clear how Apple would use a 2-camera setup to improve image quality (DSLR quality could mean a lot of things). For instance, back during Mobile World Congress, a company called Corephotonic (in collaboration with Qualcomm) showed off dual-camera lenses for mobile devices that provides 3x optical zoom without any of the bulk or moving parts you find in larger sized cameras. Take a look at CNET’s video below.

With the ever changing mobile landscape, fierce competition in the space has resulted in Android OEMs pushing the boundaries of mobile technology further than we ever thought possible, sometimes resulting in truly unique ideas like the HTC One M8’s DuoCamera. As was the case with NFC, Apple typically takes the wait and see approach, allowing Android OEMs to duke it out and vet the best technologies before jumping in. And here you thought the DuoCamera was just a gimmick.

[via MacRumors]

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  1. There they go innovating again lol

    1. I laughed at this comment far harder than I probably should have.

      +10 e-points for you sir.

      1. Well thank you kind sir lol

  2. They’re just being apple and trying to reach back into the land of yesteryore in Androidland and ressurrect the HTC EVO 3D.

  3. I like the duo camera. I just wish they had used something better than a 4 ultrapixel sensor.

  4. I have no complaints about the M8 camera. I’ve taken some awesome shots with it.

    1. Odd that the author seems to believe that its camera isn’t anything special.

  5. Man I was told for almost a year by Apple fans it was just a cheap gimmick.

    1. the same man will tell you that apple invented it.

  6. Thank you Phapple.

  7. Ufocus is cool.

  8. HTC better gear up for those patent infringement lawsuits Apple will soon be hurling their way

  9. okay… The u-focus is awesome. for me. I use all sorts of the features for the camera. That are specific to having the second lens. I have seen the motorola u-focus ripoff where you have to move the camera to scan the item. it works ish… but u-focus and foregrounder are unmmatched. and as far as the iphone having something similar. you have to realize that htc and apple have that share patent thing going from when they bent htc over the barrel for the 4g patents a few years ago. nothing htc has is sacred to apple and they will happily steal whatever they want. with no shame and claim it as their own. the only upside to this is that htc will have every single feature 2 years before them. As every other android device.
    But let me be clear. Apple can eff right off. I’m a hater just ike the rest of you but when they clearly bully my favorite oem into stealing their ideas. I am justified in my hatred.

  10. Holy crap… disqus stop making me verify things for unrelated stuff…. I had to verify my email three times to even post. is this not insane to anyone.

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