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Amazon app Android Wear support

After dumping their standalone App Store application in favor of the all-in-one standard Amazon app, a new update is making it easier than ever to (you guessed it) make purchases from their online storefront. Hitting the Play Store today is an update to the Amazon app which adds Android Wear support and the ability to search by items by voice and make purchases straight from your smartwatch. Whether or not that’s a good idea, is up to you.

To get it up and running, just speak the familiar “Ok Google” voice command followed by “Start Amazon.” Once the app has fired up on your smartwatch, you save search queries to your Wish List for later viewing or view search results on your phone. When viewing a listing you’ll need to have 1-Click settings enabled on your account to make a purchase, or again, you can save it to your Wish List and come back to it later.

All in all, it works pretty well if you’re simply researching prices/ratings of real world items with Amazon (also known as “showrooming”). Download the app right now via the Google Play link below and you’ll be on your way to making impulse buys in no time.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Damn, too bad I keep getting ‘error 24’ for the Amazon app, since Play Store crashed mid installation months ago.
    I hope the update to Lollipop fixes it for me because I really don’t feel like rooting or resetting my device.

    1. You should be able to just sideload the apk for the current play store pretty easily.

      1. Play Store works fine now. A corrupt entry for Amazon is the issue for now.

  2. “What are you looking for” …

    – 5 day battery life
    – Key, time critical info on my wrist
    – An always on display, so I can y’know, tell the time

    NOT the ability to buy stuff from my wrist.

    1. A-effing-men brother. Amen.

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