These cool Moto 360 adapters let you use any watch band you want, and they’re £40 away from Kickstarter goal


While Motorola is preparing a solid lineup of watch bands for their Moto 360 Android Wear smart watch, some folks are probably looking for something a bit different. More options are bound to be made available as time goes on, but you can move beyond Moto and grab a pretty stylish watch band yourself if you’re willing to grab a stainless steel adapter from the folks at SteelConnect.

Their Kickstarter for the product proposes an adapter which will house standard 22mm poles for you to hook up any strap you want. Two different styles — the M-180 and M-225 –will be available, though they look relatively similar. The difference is the angle at which the adapter is presented, with the M-180 offering a more straight fit compared to the downward-sloping angle of the M-225. Both will be offered in either silver or matte black.

steelconnect m-180

steelconnect m-225

Also being offered is the M-Hook, a small one-side adapter that will allow you to hook your Moto 360 up to a chain and use it as some sort of pocket watch or the most advanced pendant you’ve ever put onto a necklace. Not bad at all.

steelconnect m-hook 1

steelconnect m-hook 2

The project is just £40 away from its goal of £10,000 on Kickstarter. The cheapest pledge for the M-Hook is currently £9, while the M-180 and M-225 adapters start at £21 and £28, respectively.

First shipments are expected to head out starting January 2015, but don’t be surprised if that date ends up getting a delay or two as we’ve grown accustomed to on Kickstarter. It ships worldwide so don’t be afraid to drop a pledge if you feel like sprucing up the look of your Moto 360 as it sits on your wrist, or — potentially — inside your pocket or on your chest. The funding period ends in 8 days so act fast if you want to make sure you get one once they’re ready.

[via Kickstarter]

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  1. Did anyone look at the pledge levels? There are lots of people signing up for the “early bird” pricing who apparently can’t read and figure out that the still available “early bird sensation” pricing is lower than the early bird pricing. Same product, just more money with the early bird pricing….. LOL.

    1. Considering the excessive amount of writing for the description you can’t blame them too much.

  2. If I had any doubt they’d make their funding, I’d pledge, but I don’t really like the look of the watch with the adapter, so I don’t much want one.

  3. I thought the 360 could already use other, standard wristbands?

    1. It’s restricted to only 22m bands. I didn’t read the product description, but I’m assuming this thing will allow you to use most size bands? Just my guess.

    2. It does. What this does tho is make like an extension of the adapter so that you don’t have to take them of from the “root” of the watch. Because imagine having to go through the hard process of removing the straps from the watch itself and risking to crack the back. With this you only hook it to the watch itself once and from there all the straps hook on to these “extensions” which make it not only easier to swap straps but also not having to risk cracking the back of the watch

  4. “What is the difference between M ° 1 8 0 & M ° 2 2 5 ? Its simply
    the different of angle of and manufacturing complication.”

    Um what? lol

  5. I was considering it, but the lack of images for the dark (mine) I can’t jump on board. Makes it look like you did a hack job on the watch IMO.

  6. Amazing what a 3D printer can get you! I was considering it, but the lack of images for the dark (mine) I can’t jump on board. Makes it look like you did a hack job on the watch IMO.

  7. No thanks, not gonna cheapen my Moto w those clips.

  8. Need to be steel

    1. That’s just a prototype. The actual product is in steel and matte black(your choice).

      1. Well count me in, I definitely want a couple then.

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