Addictive puzzle game TwoDots finally makes its way to the Google Play Store


Remember Dots? That addictive puzzle game got a pretty nice sequel, but until just recently it was only available on iOS. Thankfully that is no longer the case as TwoDots has finally made its way to Google Play.

The new game builds on the premise of the old, with your objective being to connect two or more adjacent, identical dots to clear them from the screen and complete your goal. Dot chains can be as small as two, or as big as 100 (if such a game board size existed) as long as the dots are adjacent. If you’re lucky enough to be able to connect them as a square you can clear the entire board of that color.

twodots wall

TwoDots improves on the formula with improved graphics and effects, much more puzzles and new game mechanics that’ll have you avoiding fire in a jungle set ablaze, or a deep ocean filled with treacherous sea beings.

The game is free to play, though in-app purchases do exist for the purpose of giving you extra lives in the event that you run out. Think Candy Crush in that regard, except the game is more than fair in giving you more lives after a short amount of time to keep playing. Give it a go over at Google Play.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can we please stop saying “finally” and mentioning iOS in the first 3 sentences in Phandroid articles? It’s not only useless, but it’s irritating as well. If I want every article about Android to compare to iOS, I’ll go to the Verge for that.

    1. What? iOS devices also have apps? Why would you put an app on an MP3 player?

    2. Thank you! I don’t feel like a “Phan” reading articles like this and the writer doesn’t sound like one either.

    3. Y’all are the annoying ones….. If something was on another platform long before it made it to another platform why wouldn’t they say finally ? You gotta get ya head outta ya butt and realize that even if you don’t like iOS it has its upsides, just as android (my personal favorite) has its downsides. And one of those downsides (even if it isn’t necessarily its fault) is that it usually gets popular apps way after iOS does, i.e. Instagram, flappy birds, temple run. Let it go my friend, let it go.

      1. Can’t believe you paraphrased Frozen, man. Fo’ shame.

        1. Yea because the phrase “let it go” only came about after the release of a children’s movies…..

  2. “The Sequel to the Hit Game Dots has been Released.”

    i think that some people (myself included) are upset that iOS gets the popular apps first. then it sometimes “slowly” makes it way to Android. Like Threes… i read an article about it in a top 10 mobile games article and was and went to find it in the Google Play store but it wasn’t there. then about a month later it’s released. Also, i understand why iOS gets apps and games first because i am guessing (and i could be wrong) that its easy to develop for iOS.

    1. See, ppl like you, I can reason with. You may not like iOS but you can read and article and understandbly see why it was written that way.

      1. WHAT YOU MEAN “people like me” lol jk

  3. Love this game on iOS. Now if only Android would get the Infinity Blade series but that’ll never happen.

  4. The video did nothing to show us if we’d like the game play, lol

    1. IKR!? I don’t recall this “Two Dots” and hoped to learn something. That did nothing to entice me to get the game. If there weren’t a link to the Play Store, I wouldn’t have taken the time to search for it. LoL!!

  5. Addictive for the first 3 minutes, then they ask for $0.99 for a refill/upgrade and it gets uninstalled….what ever happened to BUYING a game or app? Freemium is complete BS. Give me ads or charge me for the thing once and for all.

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