Humble Bundle removes app from Google Play due to upcoming upgrades


Humble Bundle update

Humble Bundle announced this morning the removal of their application from Google Play. This wasn’t an action taken by Google, but one that the company said was necessary so they could prepare for forthcoming upgrades.

It’s quite odd for a company to need to take their app off Google Play to prepare for upcoming upgrades which leads us to believe one thing — they’re finally creating a full-fledged storefront for folks to be able to not only access their downloads via mobile, but to create a full-fledged mobile storefront for folks to buy new Bundles whenever they’re released.

So why would they need to take an app down from Google Play for that? Because it’s against the terms of use to publish an alternate app store inside the Google Play Store. This is why Amazon has long distributed their Appstore APK via their website (though the company seems to have found a workaround by bundling the Appstore’s functionality into their main app).

This is just speculation, though, as Humble Bundle hasn’t elaborated on any of their future plans. All we can do is wait and see what happens, but from now on you’ll need to venture off to their site if you want the latest updates for the app that helps you organize all those insanely cheap games and apps you buy.

[via Humble Bundle]

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  1. More power to them. The team behind Humble Bundle works incredibly hard and they deserve to be able to make a little more. Especially if this helps to get those indie apps/games into the hands of more people

    1. Did you upvote your own comment?

      1. Why would I not? Do you not have confidence/faith in your own thoughts and opinions :p

        When you leave a comment on Reddit you automatically upvote your own comment. Since Disqus doesn’t automatically do this, I’ll do it manually

        1. While you can upvote yourself, that doesn’t mean you should.

  2. OMG!! They’re just trying to find a better way to take all my money. And the sad thing is, if they do make a way to buy the Mobile Humble Bundle within the app there will be a 100% increase in my impulse buys. =.[

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