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Target has just announced their big Black Friday deals in time for you to start planning your holiday shopping plans early. The United States retailer revealed a huge 39-page ad filled with deals on tech, toys and anything else you can think of. There will be a modest selection of Android tablets, phones and accessories on sale starting at 6pm on the evening of Thanksgiving:

And you’ll also find great deals on things such as televisions, video game consoles, toys and more. Here’s a quick list of Target’s biggest deals being offered that day:

Target’s already previewing the big ad over at their website so be sure to give it a good look through and see if you can’t stock up on holiday stocking stuffers and gifts after the turkey’s settled in your stomach.

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  1. Thank goodness they’re not opening on Thanksgiving Day…are they?

    1. 6PM Thanksgiving day they open.

      1. Nothing like taking a holiday that should be spent with loved ones being thankful about what you have and making people work to sell people things they could wait a day for. Yes some workers like it cause of overtime but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.

  2. These deals aren’t enticing to me, but I know come Black Friday Ima be broke. Bah!! I’m goin’ pick me up a 2TB hard drive. I’m well due for one.

    I’m scared.
    Super Smash Bros 4
    Wii U
    Nexus 6
    2TB Hard Drive

    And the list continues… All my money!!

    1. Why wait? On there site says you can get it today at the Black Friday price by adding it to your cart and choosing in store pickup.

      1. It’s only for the crappy deals on page 2 and 3.

        1. Oops, missed that. Good Call.

  3. ANY Retailer that opens on Thanksgiving isn’t getting my money this holiday season. That’s ridiculous. IDGAF what they have or how good the deal is… No contract Nexus 6 for $199. Nope. 2014 32gb LTE Nexus 9 $249, don’t care. If the OpO makes the market and is sold at retail with no contract and a $100 Google Play gift card, I’ll think about it for a few minutes, then pass. I’ve worked retail long enough and have missed enjoying enough holidays to respect people more than this. If these deals are that important to you, check your priorities in life.

    1. Well stated. Couldn’t agree more!

    2. Exactly.

    3. Golf clap.

      I’m as materialistic as the next guy, but this unchecked consumerism, thinly veiled as “an answer to the market demand” is just too much.

      Toys R Us is open at 5am on Thanksgiving Day… but that one, to me, smacks as desperation to remain relevant rather than an actual pseudo-answer to “market demand.” I’m not sure how those guys stay in business.

      1. Heard a theory this morning that these thanksgiving day sales profits may be eaten up by paying employees overtime. If that’s the case then that’s just another reason that these sales and a bad idea.

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me. This state still observes Blue Laws from town to town so Sundays and Holidays are highly discouraged from operating a business. Considering who’s opening though, (In this town anyway) they clearly don’t care. Target, WalMart, and Sears believe it or not!?

          About a week ago on NPR there was a discussion about some municipalities exploring the possibility of taxing a stores gross receipts on Holidays at 50%. Doubt it’ll ever happen, but perhaps that would give companies something to think about before they open on a holiday.

          1. Or they major retailers will pull out of said municipalities, and double up in markets where they can do so. Then what happens?

    4. Hate to be that guy but you’ll probably have to avoid any and all online retailers as well. I’m sure they’ll have their warehouse employees working around the clock due to demand.

      1. You’re so not wrong. Warehouse workers are almost a different class of people though. They bust their asses EVERY DAY as a cog in some kind of logistical machine. I feel bad for how hard some of them work daily. I can only hope that they’ve got some level of union representation to take care of them and that they get some level of payment worth it whatever they do. In fairness, though, Amazon isn’t opening on Thanksgiving to one up anybody. Like Google is the internet, Amazon IS for all intents and purposes the internet’s shopping mall.

    5. Totally agree. My employer (Costco) will never open on a holiday… Hell, they’re paying their employees to have that day off.

      1. Costco as an employer is head and shoulders above most other retailers. They pay better and don’t have crazy hours or make you work holidays.

        1. but it’s crazy hard to get in ;)

    6. I made a response to this at the top. Preach it.

    7. Ehh, as a retail employee who will be working on Thanksgiving, while I don’t enjoy only being able to spend about 4 hours with my family, I very much prefer coming in at 6 pm, going home and going to sleep at a decent time, and then coming back to work again the next day compared to staying up 48 hours straight when the store opens at midnight.

  4. That Westinghouse tho… : D

  5. Nothing exciting… move along

  6. Why they’re including a year-old Assassin’s Creed game in the Xbox One bundle is beyond me. I like that deal except for the Black Flag part (I have it on 360). That’s a deal breaker.

    1. That bundle is already out. They released it before Unity. That’s why Black Flag is included. They’re essentially giving you Black Flag for free if you compare the price of this bundle to the price of the other ones. But go ahead, keep complaining about a free game with your XBox.

    2. Complete idiot. Folks like you should be shot. Like Matt said, its free cause they through it in WITH unity. You don’t want both games? Oh… Sorry. So for that price I can get Unity bundle, GTA V, and Destiny, for $329. And a gift card?? Sold!!

  7. The employees will already be working, why not keep them busy? I love black friday

  8. Yeah, and us asians are drooling for these kinds of pricecuts.
    Though most of our products are already cheap :3

  9. Black “friday” has consumed the family centered holiday thanksgiving. Can’t greedy corporations wait one f#$ king day??

    1. Don’t you mean greedy consumers? Oh that’s right, stores round up citizens and force them into the shop…

      1. Greedy corporations convincing stupid people. sadly in this era of a sheeple lead society, if you make / present it they will buy it / come. Including if you overstep on a holiday. People just don’t care anymore. Few actually question..”hmm…is this morally right? should I be supporting this?” no they just think “omfg expensive material things cheap must buy”

        If no one came to these holiday infringing “sales” which could wait one damn day, then companies would stop doing it and actually close early on thanks-f**king giving and let their hard working retail workers spend time with THEIR family, like what should happen.

        But they aren’t doing that now are they….people don’t care

        What ever happened to black FRIDAY being the “day after thanksgiving sales?” The way black “friday” is becoming earlier every year Soon it will be the “morning of thanksgiving” sales and completely overshadow the entire day.

        At least before when I was growing up, people could celebrate time together as a family then the next day shop for material schitt :) Now if anyone wants a “good deal” they have to compromise time spent with family and be a tool for such blatant greed.

        Those who wait and spend the entire day with family will have nothing left to buy on the actual *day after thanksgiving.* What the hell is wrong with our nation, Having such greed being displayed on the very day we should give “thanks”. They could have waited one more damn day.

        1. Calm down bro.

    2. Yes, because everyone in America celebrates a day remembering when white men raped and pillaged the real Americans.

  10. I couldn’t imagine the rage that would build up trying to get a phone contract sorted out at a store like this on black Friday.

  11. The worse part is the Canadian stores trying to mimic the US sales here in Canada.. trying to hype it up and offer stuff for cheaper.. though never as good as the US and very little stock.
    Same for boxing Days sales. I enjoy family time instead.

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