These are the new watch faces for the Moto 360


Earlier this week Motorola promised some new watch faces for the Moto 360. The Motorola Connect app was updated this morning with 5 new watch faces and new options for existing faces. The new faces include the winner of the Face-Off challenge, a fully customizable “MyDesign” face, and three new analog faces. Let’s take a look.

Dials II


Options: Background color, Cities, Day/date



Options: Background color, Day/date



Options: Background image, Watch hands or analog, Tick marks, Accent color, Day/date



Options: White or black background, Accent color, Day/date



Options: 10 floral backgrounds, Day/date

The Motorola Connect update also brings a brand new Material Design, support for Motorola Keylink, and new Moto Body Wellness experience. We also noticed that previous watch faces now have the option to show the date. If you don’t already have Motorola Connect you can install it from the Play Store for free. It’s a must-have app for any Moto 360 owners.

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  1. Why anyone would use a white face and draw attention to the bezel is beyond me

    1. Someone should make a watch face that has matching black bars at the top (maybe the sides too) and then build the face around that, rather than cutting off part of the design on the bottom. Something like this,

      1. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of a round face? Now you just have a smaller square watch.

        1. I guess it does to a point, but at the same time, to the people who don’t like how the black bar draws unwanted attention, it could help. I guess you’d need to try it and see what it actually looked like in real life.

        2. They could make a face that makes its a full circle with a black bezel around it though that would shrink the screen

          1. See it works

  2. If I can invert the colors on that Romans face that’d be my choice I believe.

    1. You can choose a black background for that one.

      1. Exactly what I would want, Tuesday can’t get here soon enough!

  3. Unfortunately, it isn’t the full winning design, just parts.

  4. How do you change the arm color for hour and minute in Pascual? Mine only changes the seconds.

  5. Best part of the update is they added a date toggle for ALL faces!!!

    1. Thanks! I took the pleasure of updating the link.

      1. you’re welcomed. now gimme some cookie

        1. Your computer automatically saves all cookies. Unless you’re in incognito mode, in which case no cookies for you.

          Shame, they’re really tasty too.

  6. I’m curious does this watch allows u to make phone calls?

    1. It doesn’t have a speaker but it will trigger a phone call to your phone

      1. Oh i thought it could just like the Samsung Smartwatch lol

        1. people look like idiots using phablets to talk…using you watch…come on guy your better then that

  7. Mine won’t show me the new design, I see them in the moto connect app but it doesn’t update on the clock! No matter which clock I change it says on the watch that minimal is updating and nothing happens, any tips? I have reset my clock and uninstalled and reinstalled the connect app but no luck!

    1. same here =/

  8. Can someone link the .apk?

  9. Ahh, no thanks.

  10. what a great update i wasnt even expecting…new watch faces are great and the custom make your own is a real nice feature…can make custom faces without dealing with the slight bat/performance issues of facer…i love me some moto they doing work

  11. Wow, those look great – or would if it weren’t for that stupid bevel. It is too bad that, with the exception of an analog clock face, all of the information displayed on a smart watch is much better suited to a rectangular display. There’s a reason smart phones aren’t round.

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