6 new AT&T phones and smart watches go on sale today



Remember that announcement blowout AT&T had earlier in the week? Well, all those devices are now on sale starting today. There are a lot of new goods to buy so let’s hop right into the list of what’s available on this fine Friday:

  • HTC Desire EYE: with a price tag of $150 on contract or $550 outright, the HTC Desire EYE is moderately priced for anyone not satisfied by the current crop of front-facing cameras out there. This phone features an unmatched 13 megapixel shooter on the front with its own pair of LED flashes. Talk about selfie overload. Oh, and if you buy an HTC RE camera with the Desire EYE you’ll get $50 off.
  • Kyocera DuraForce: this is a very capable rugged smartphone, and comes with the sort of toughness we’ve come to expect from a Kyocera phone. $389.99 gets you the smartphone outright, or you can grab it for $50 on a new two-year contract.
  • LG G Watch R: this is LG’s first round smartwatch, and it looks great. It might not be turning many heads away from the Moto 360 with its $300 price tag, but it should prove a worthy adversary for anyone digging the sporty look. Speaking of Moto 360…
  • Motorola Moto 360: and this is Motorola’s first circular smart watch (and their first Android Wear watch, period). While AT&T’s a bit on the late train with this offering, the $250 smart watch has gotten a lot better after a couple of much needed upgrades. Be mindful of the fact that Motorola just announced the new steel options, though.

Whew, that’s a lot, and that’s only in the realm of Android. AT&T also has a standalone Timex smart watch going up for pre-sale today, as well as a kid-centric watch that allows parents to track and contact kids at a whim’s notice.

AT&T says they have a lot more to come leading up to the holiday season, including the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that you can finagle in stores today (but, contrary to false reports earlier this week, is not available for sale just yet). Be sure to use the links above to check out each respective device at AT&T’s website, and don’t forget to swing by AndroidForums.com if you’re looking for a place to talk about all of it!


HTC Desire EYE selfies

Moto 360 screen


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  1. You forgot to mention preorders for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge started today as well…will ship 11/13-14

    1. That SGNE is crazy with the $399.99 on contract price tag. I’m waiting to see how much support it will get from the XDA community

      1. I`ii buy it for my b-day next year,,,

  2. ..and the Nexus?

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