[Update] Samsung Galaxy Note Edge officially heads to US November 14th



Samsung has just announced that the Galaxy Note Edge will officially be launching in the United States beginning on November 14th. The company didn’t give any specifics as to who would be launching it that date, but we do know all four major United States carriers are planning to offer it at some point.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge isn’t quite that dissimilar to the Note 4 (which you can read about in our review). It houses many of the same specs under the hood, including a Snapdragon 805 chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 16 megapixel camera and more. The difference is in the form factor and display — this thing folds over to the side and gives you an independent strip of viewing notifications, quick controls and more. It’s a really unique feature, though time will tell if it’s less of a game changer and more of a gimmick.

We’ll be tracking down information on individual carrier plans for launching the device in the moments to come, but let us know if you’re planning on giving what Samsung considers an “exploratory” release a shot once it’s finally available.

[Update]: AT&T has officially announced plans to have the device in-store on November 7th at select retail locations. The device will only be available for demo purposes, though, so you won’t be able to walk out of the store with one that day.

If everything goes according to plan, though, they should be one of the potential few carriers offering the device on the November 14th release date set by Samsung (especially since they’re bragging about how they were the first to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in that very same press release).

AT&T has announced that the device will cost an insane $399 with a two-year contract, $945.99 without a contract or $39.42 and $47.30 per month on AT&T Next 18 and Next 12, respectively.

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  1. yea buddy lets go im ready to pick this phone up from sprint

  2. Holy high price Batman

    1. For that price you just buy yourself a nice unlocked Nexus 5.

      1. Actually you could buy 3 on craigslist , I’m selling mine for 300 , with over 100 $ in extra things like the OEM wireless charger , etc etc. or even in the play store I think there only 350….

    2. iPhone 6 – Extra hundred gets you 32gb extra storage.

      Note 4 – Extra hundred gets you curved display and all the goodies that go with it.

      Price sounds good to me.

      1. If a $1000 is good for you then more power to ya.Sprints price is $840

        1. That’s not that bad for the tech your getting to be the first to have. But unfortunately, as always, stupid Samsung can’t get a launch right. Far too many ppl, myself included, bought the note 4 already. Releasing the device I really wanted to try a month after buying the device that was unveiled with it is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth for Samsung. This is why their mobile division is suffering. They cannibalize their own sales releasing devices 1-2 months apart.

          1. As an owner of a note 3 , this phone is why I didn’t jump on the 4 , there where enough articles out there to point to a release within 60 days after the release of the note 4……heck I’ve personally lived and breathed , every article , every blog every day , since this phone was first discussed , wasn’t expecting the price , but I guess there always will be a price for being First…………

      2. But “high price” is no longer a valid criticism for the iPhone

  3. cant wait !

  4. Hold on, wait what?

  5. I was told by a very source that a working demo will be available at best buy ppb m November 17 the same source said I would be able to but this phone on T Mobile on the 17 price not set yet, but I will deliberately be standing at my local t mobile store ppb that day before they open , considering the thread I guess this isn’t to much news but I had a conversation with a Samsung rep at best buy last Friday and it’s all my friend and myself could talk about, very much looking forward to this phone….UAG already has a pretty cool case for the phone for 39.99 , I think I’m going to buy that bad boy right now.

  6. Best buy has had the edge on demo for a while now. I played with it about a month ago….

  7. May god bring peace and Serenity to all who buy this clusterfuck of half baked gimmicks. Oh boy this thing looks like a bad acid trip waiting to happen.

  8. $945! I’d rather buy Nexu…. er…um…. wait… nevermind. Nexus phones are no longer the cheap powerhouse they used to be.

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