Nexus Player (fugu) factory images and binaries for build LRX21M now available for download


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Developers who snagged a Nexus Player can now tinker with their Android TV-based set-top boxes knowing that they have a safe route to recovery in the event of experiments gone terribly wrong. Google has published the factory image file for the Nexus Player for anyone who needs to download it. The images are for build LRX21M that shipped with the device earlier this week. They’ve also got the necessary binary drivers available for those who need them.

What does this mean for users? Not much in the here and now, but this allows developers to get started on all sorts of aftermarket goodness that we’re sure to see down the line (including rooting the device and exploring other tweaks we’ve come to expect for a Nexus device). We’re not sure what to expect from Android TV in terms of open development, but it should be an exciting ride for those who’ve embraced the platform in the early going. Developers can find the links straight ahead.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Have you guys had a chance to play with one of these? From the reviews that I’ve read, it sounds like it has a hard time playing videos.

    1. Fromw hat I have herd the Dev kit ADT-1 had similar issues on wifi but they were cleared up using Ethernet and sopposedly you can use a USB ethernet adapter with the Nexus Player so I am waiting ot hear if that fixes these issues I have been hearing about with video playback.

      1. Yeah, but at that point, you might want to wait for a device with an integrated Ethernet adapter.

  2. still rocking my revue daily, no qualms with it what so ever. never understood why it didn’t take off…..

    1. Mine runs like crap… always was slow.. still is. I can’t stand lag with this type of device. Overall great concept and integrating to set top boxes is key, which Player does not do unfortunately. I think it will come but until Google has more of a play in the content providers… it’s on the back burner.

      TV is going to go away though… everything will be internet based in years to come.

      1. Depending on how much TV you watch, getting rid of cable is not an option with the current state of bandwidth caps in the US. I chewed through data so quickly, I had not choice but to get Comcast Business Class or see a bill 3 times what it should be (it is almost double now, but at least I don’t have a limit, for now….) Until the situation with ridiculous bandwidth limits imposed by most mainstream ISP in the US, cutting the cord is not an option, especially as 4K media becomes more mainstream (not to mention the rise in digital distribution in all entertainment sectors).

        1. Really you have data caps on cable Internet? That suck I watch lots of TV but only online like Netflix, xbmc, popcorn time or animeget I haven’t watched any cable TV in at least 2 year. I got a Intel nuc mini pc hooked on my TV best thing ever.

          1. Almost all ISPs in the usa have data caps usually around 250GBish a month, just most companies haven’t started enforcing them yet…read your fine print

          2. Wow that sucks. My provider has a fair use policy that means that you can download 10x the amount of a average user wich basically means no data cap. Sometimes I used about 400GB with utorrent a month and never had a warning that I was using to much data

      2. Next year Comcast beings to roll out IPTV with a Chromecast like HDMI Dongle.

    2. My Revue is in the junk electronics bin in the closet. I’ve moved on to a pure android offering. (Imito MX2 in the living room, Midnight Gbox in the bedroom)

  3. what.. the device is shipping? I havent got mine yet!

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