HTC: We won’t be looking to compete in low-end tablet space in 2015



HTC’s gotten their tablet groove back with the successful launch of the Nexus 9, and now the company is looking ahead to 2015. Speaking to North Asian press at a Taiwanese event, HTC executive Jack Tong mentioned that they’re not interested in getting into the affordable tablet war. He believes it’s not a profitable market, noting that while lower cost tablets may attract more buyers, the profit margins are too slim for it to matter.

Instead, it sounds like HTC will look to focus on mid-range and high-end tablets going forward. The company confirmed plans to continue their revitilization in the tablet space through 2015, and says we should expect an own-branded device by them at some point then. This doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be tapped to make a Nexus 9 follow-up, but it does confirm they’re ready to get their feet into the deep end of the tablet pool after stumbling out of the starting gate a few years ago.

HTC’s fierce comeback in the phones space should be proof positive that they can do the same for tablets, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do to try and steal thunder from the likes of ASUS and Samsung in the months ahead. Let us know what you hope to see in HTC’s next tablet once it comes to pass sometime next year.

[via Focus Taiwan]

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  1. Sounds like 2012 when hTC decided to move away from lower end smartphone markets….

  2. Based on the Nexus 9’s price, he’s definitely right about not being interested in the affordable tablet market…. ZING!

  3. HTC, you can do it!!! Compete as strong as you can, and show that you can have an strong marketing just as Samsung or Apple or better!!!

    1. You have to have cash for marketing and HTC are in a hole they most likely will never dig their way out of. Will they survive…most likely. Will they ever generate huge profits…never….the mobile market is now at the point where it will be dominated by takeovers, mergers, bankruptcies…if they get through this in tact that is a win for them.
      Samsung with al their billions in marketing are seeing huge profit reductions as low-medium end Chinese manufacturers with same OS move in.

  4. Bring a phablet into the mix and HTC is back on top

  5. yawn. why don’t you give us an updated Max first?

  6. HTC cant use e possible success of the Nexus 9 as some form of endorsement of how well they will go in the premium end of the tablet space because it does not have their brand on it. People who buy a Nexus 9 are not going out looking to buy a HTC tablet…most would not even know who makes the Nexus 9.
    HTC will not succeed in the premium end of the tablet space because they do not have a wide ranging established brand associated with premium products (I am referring to general population). They will struggle against similarly specced tablets with same OS at half the price…this is what they are up against and why they will always struggle.

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